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Hyper Fighters is a third-person shooter where the player controls an aircraft. Just like the After Burner games, movement is largely restricted. As in a rail shooter game the plane's speed and direction, and the camera cannot be controlled, only the position on the screen to dodge incoming projectiles. There are fourteen stages in total and it starts with defending against an attack on the world's largest oil platforms by Admiral Rohan. In the second mission you chase a nuclear bomber headed to South Africa.

The plane has access to a basic machine gun that needs to be used in short bursts to prevent overheating. There are also a limited amount of more powerful rockets and additional ones can be bought in-game by trading in a number of points, making a high score less likely. Enemies include large fighter squadrons, but also enemies on the ground and in the sea. Levels end with a large boss that usually has multiple target points. After completing a mission a total score is calculated based on the rockets left, the rockets bought, the rockets used and the amount of enemies destroyed. There are three difficulty levels and three planes (Bolt, Shark, Wasp) to choose from, with different statistics for maneuverability, armor and firepower. While flying it is possible to zoom in slightly. The plane can take multiple hits and it has multiple lives.

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