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Tekken: Card Tournament


Tekken Card Tournament is a collectible card game (CCG) based on the Tekken fighting game series. Players participate in one-on-one fights, similar to the original game, against the computer or an online player. There are different characters to choose from and they are unlocked by buying a starter deck. Fights are done with a deck of maximum fifteen cards and the deck can be customized. There are bronze, silver and gold cards for basic actions, super rare cards, and power cards that change a character's HP and often have a permanent effect. After acquiring a starter deck additional cards can be purchased through regular and premium boosters. There are restrictions to the decks, such as only three copies of the same card in a single deck, only one unique card per deck, a maximum of three limited cards, and only one power card. The overall deck receives a rating for online matchmaking. Through a tag deck it is possible to call in a second character.

The one-on-one fights are based on three actions. Both players have some time to choose an action without seeing what the opponent is doing and then both actions are executed simultaneously. Focus draws a new card at the end of the turn, Strike uses all available cards to attack, and Block blocks the first two cards of the attack, often with additional parry bonuses. After each turn all drawn cards are shown of both players to make a decision. Cards can be viewed in detail to see the statistics. When more than five cards are drawn there is a reset and all cards return to the pile. The effects of the different cards play an important role, but there are general actions. Striking against Focus causes a focus break. When both players Strike each side gets to perform attacks (and this can lead to a double KO). While blocking various parry bonuses can apply. General strategy often involves guessing when a player will use Focus or Strike, to Block at the right moment.

A general card shows the activation phase of the card effect with three hourglass icons (before assault, after assault, comes into play), an icon for limited and unique cards, the card's hit points, hit type (punch or kick) and effect. Each card has a specific condition, target and effect. For single-player offline there is a large campaign of different fights and a single match arcade mode. The three online game modes are cross-platform: online battle, a weekly online worldwide championship, and an online SP tournament filtered for specific conditions or decks. Players can join teams with up to 50 members and power-ups that benefit the entire team. Examples of these power-ups are an additional deck slot, a new set of avatars, or causing an opponent to lose HP or hit points for the first card at the start of a game.

By winning battles experience is gained to level up as well as gold as the basic currency. Red credits are a premium currency and are harder to earn. The game is free-to-play and offers daily bonuses. In-app purchases include gold packs, a permanent gold doubler, and credit packs. Next to decks and boosters the currencies can be spent on cosmetic customization options for the characters. There is a stamina bar that is refilled gradually, so players sometimes have to wait to start a new match when it is empty, or spend money for a full refill.

The game has ties to the physical card game. The physical cards' QR codes can be scanned or the serial can be entered (one-time use) to add the cards to the in-game account as a digital version. Through a separate app the physical cards can be summoned in augmented reality.

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