aka: WarBreeds: A Brutal New Civilisation Breed for War, WarBreeds: Eine Zivilisation, erschaffen für den Krieg !, WarBreeds: Levez votre armée de monstres mutants !, WarBreeds: Una Nuova Brutale Civiltà Nata per la Guerra
Moby ID: 7093

Windows credits (1998)

35 people with 40 credits.

Lead Designer
Lead Programmer
Art Director
AI Programming
Additional Programming
Network Programmers
Visual Designer
Lead 3D Artist
3D Artists
Lead Sound Design
Sound Editors
Voice Talent
QuickTime Movie Compression
Studio Art Director
Studio Programming Director
Sr. Producer
V. P. Red Orb Studios
QA Project Lead
Core Tester
WarBreeds Testing team
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