720º Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Which direction shoud you go?
The ramp. Show some tricks!
Ticket office
Show some skate board tricks
Don't bump into that big guy

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Experience Level?
Skate City.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (U. S. Gold)
Starting location (U. S. Gold)
Learning on a half-pipe (U. S. Gold)
Learning on the downhill (U. S. Gold)
I failed to qualify (U. S. Gold)
Title screen (Mindscape)
Main menu (Mindscape)
Starting location (Mindscape)
Learning on a half-pipe (Mindscape)
I finished with the half-pipe (Mindscape)
Learning on the downhill (Mindscape)
I finished with the downhill (Mindscape)

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Title screen (Game Boy)
Choose your spin control option.
Choose expert or training
Welcome to Skate City
Starting location
SPLASH! I hit the water.
Going to the Ramp Park.
In the Ramp Park.
Ready to go.
My ratings stickers.
Now the Ramp Park is closed until I complete them all.
I can buy some shoes here.
Hot shoes! Cash deducted.
I bought new pads, too.
I must skate to a park or die. If the swarm catches me, I lose a life.
I lost a life. I have three remaining.
In the Downhill Park.
I earned a silver medal and a cash prize.
I also get a bonus for time left.
My stickers are updated.
The park's map.
I lost my last life...
...Game over.

NES version

Title Screen
In Game
In Game (Ramp Competition)
A downhill event
Competing in a jump event
This screen shows you which medals you have won in this class so far

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main menu
Choose a level
Ready to go
In no man's land
Down low
Bonus points
Game over
No success there
Nice ghetto blaster