Fox Kids Kinder Spiele: Volume 3

aka: Aïtchu Crazy Games Gold Collection 3
Moby ID: 72289


Fox Kids Kinder Spiele: Volume 3 is a collection of casual games that play in a browser window on the player's computer. The games play directly from the CD and require no installation. Although the title is in German the games have instructions in English, French, German and Spanish.
The games in this compilation are grouped into categories, they are: Shoot' em up: + Escape 3: is the third episode in the Escape series. It's a three level, mouse controlled shooter in which the character shoots hordes of grey ghostly characters before meeting the boss. If the boss is defeated the three levels repeat + Snipe: based on a fairground shooting gallery where the player shoots as many pipes as possible in a thirty second period. This is made harder because the target reticule will not keep still + Catapult: An Artillery variant where the player must destroy the enemy castle with a fixed number of shots + SSD: is a side scrolling, mouse controlled, space shooter + Shoot Butterfly: Is a Whac-A-Mole game, the butterfly must protect the planet from aliens so whenever one appears on the screen the player has to zap them with the mouse + Pigs War: Shoot the pigs while avoiding their bullets. The player can move from side to side with the arrow keys, the gun is aimed with the mouse + Balltrap*: is a clay pigeon shooting game, hit as many plates as possible within a limited time

  • Reflection:

    • Diamonds: is a Connect Four variant
    • Puzzle 2: is a jigsaw puzzle where a picture is broken into squares and must be reassembled within a time limit
    • Reverse 2: is an implementation of Reversi
    • USS: is a player vs computer battleship game where the object is to sink the enemy fleet before they sink yours
    • Labyrinth: here the player must find their way out of a maze within a limited time by tracing their path with the mouse. This is made difficult because any contact with a wall ends the game and only the area around the mouse cursor is visible
  • Sport:

    • Formula Toon: a keyboard controlled racing game
    • Fat Punch: is a keyboard mashing fighting game where the player must out box their opponent
    • Tiercé: is a top down, horse racing game. It is keyboard controlled and plays much the same as Formula Toon
    • Tennis Open: is a keyboard controlled one or two player tennis game that plays like Pong
  • Skill/Reflex:

    • Big Splash: This game is based on a fairground game popular in the USA where the player throws ball at a target and if they hit it some unfortunate person gets dunked into a tank of water. Here the player throws pies and once the person is dunked additional points are scored for hitting a clown target while she's out of the picture.
    • Crazy Cars: A two player, keyboard controlled game. Each player controls a car with spikes on the front and balloons on the back, the object being to burst all the opponent's balloons to win.
    • Snow Ball: An implementation of Ping for one player, one played vs the computer, or two players.
    • Fireman: is a vertical shooter, a bit like an inverted Space Invaders. The fireman is on top of a burning building, beneath him fires break out of the windows. The player must shoot water onto these fires and prevent them from reaching the top of the building
    • Ghost House: a cute little girl has wandered into a house of zombies and the player must scare her away. Clicking on the zombie coffins causes the zombie to sit up and reveal a direction arrow. The little girl is in constant motion and as she comes to an arrow she changes direction. The player must click on the coffins in the right sequence and at the right time to guide her to the door
    • Mashed Monkeys: Monkeys are hiding in trees, the player must fell each tree by ramming it with their car and then mercilessly run down each cuddly green monkey
    • Star Command: is a two player, keyboard controlled, Light Cycle game
    • Corrida: is a single player game based on bullfighting. It plays like Space Invaders with the player controlling the bull, which moves left/right across the bottom of the screen, and fighting descending waves of bullfighters.
  • Platform:

    • Aïtchu 3: is a the third episode in a side scrolling platform game featuring Aïtchu the ninja in his search for his pig Sowsi San. Here he enters the underground aquatic domain of king Fugu. This game is currently available as an on-line game (2015)
    • Ozy Rush: a side scrolling platform game with Ozy the mummy. Ozy rushes left to right across the screen and the player must click on the platforms in his path to make them raise up or come down
  • Others::

    • Jackpot 2: a simple slot machine game
    • Last Fight: a two player, keyboard controlled beat 'em up

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  • MobyGames ID: 72289


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