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Fallout Shelter

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Android credits (2015)

152 People (146 developers, 6 thanks)

Game Design: Bethesda Game Studios

Game Director
Lead Producer
Senior Producer
Associate Producer
Art Director
Additional Art
Technical Lead Programmer
Lead Programmer
Game Programmers
3D Artists
User Interface Designer
Lead Writer
Game Designer
Lead Designer
Additional Design
Concept Artist
QA Tester
Studio Director Montreal

Bethesda Softworks

VP, PR and Marketing
Senior Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Director of Quality Assurance
Senior QA Manager
Quality Assurance Lead
Quality Assurance
Additional QA
Aditional Production
Localization Director
Localization Project Manager
Assistant Localization Project Manager
Special Thanks

Behaviour Interactive Inc.

Game Designer
Lead Designer
Game Programmers
Lead Programmer
Technical Lead Programmer
Technical Director
3D Artists
Lead Artist
Technical Artist
Art Director
User Interface Designer
Concept Artist
Sound Designer
QA Tester
Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Director Audio & QA
Technical Director
Vice President, Production
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Technical Officer
CEO & Executive Producer
Special Thanks

Localized Version Produced by Synthesis Global Solutions

Localization Producer
French Language Coordinators
Italian Language Coordinators
German Language Coordinators
Spanish Language Coordinators
Russian Language Coordinators
Testing Coordinator
French Translators
Italian Translators
German Translators
Spanish Translators
Russian Translators
French Testers
Italian Testers
German Testers
Spanish Testers
Russian Testers

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