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Assassin's Creed II

aka: AC2, Assassin's Creed II: Special Edition

[ Macintosh ] [ Windows ]

Windows credits (2009)

1,496 People (1,415 developers, 81 thanks)

Assassin's Creed II

Executive Producer
Producer Ubisoft Singapore
Creative Director
Associate Producers
Associate Producer Ubisoft Annecy
Associate Producer Ubisoft Singapore
Game Design Director
Lead Game Designers
Lead Programmer
Art Director
Animation Art Director
Level Design Director
Cinematics Director
Presentation Director
Story by
Production Manager Gameplay
Production Manager Missions
Production Manager Presentation
Production Manager QA
Production Manager World
Production Manager Animus DB
Production Manager Exotic
Audio Director
International Brand Managers
Level Design Technical Directors
Level Design Technical Director Ubisoft Singapore
Animation Technical Directors
Technical Art Directors
Assistant Technical Art Director
Lead Programmer Ubisoft Annecy
Art Director Ubisoft Annecy
Art Director Ubisoft Singapore
HR Consultant
Security Analyst
Project Closer
Game Designers
Game Designer Ubisoft Annecy
Camera Designers
Lead Mission Designers
Technical Lead Level Design
Level Designers
Level Designers Ubisoft Annecy
Level Designers Ubisoft Singapore
Script Writers
Lead Scripted Events Integrator
Sequence Director
Technical Architect
Technical Lead Engine
Technical Lead 3D
Technical Leads AI
Technical Team Leads
Technical Lead Tools
Platform Lead
3D Programmers
AI Programmers
Game Play Programmers
Game Play Programmer Ubisoft Annecy
Generalist Programmers
Generalist Programmer Ubisoft Anncey
Generalist Programmers Ubisoft Singapore
Physics Programmer
Sound Programmer
Tools Programmers
Animators Project Manager
Team Leads Animators
Lead Fight Animator
3D Animators
Lead Animator Ubisoft Annecy
3D Animators Ubisoft Annecy
Lead 3D Animator Ubisoft Singapore
3D Animators Ubisoft Singapore
Team Lead Character Modelers
Character Modelers
Characte Rigger
Character Integrator
Concept Artists
Concept Artists Ubisoft Annecy
Team Leads Graphics
Technical Lead Graphics
Level Artists
Lead Level Artist Ubisoft Annecy
Level Artists Ubisoft Annecy
Level Artist Trainees Ubisoft Annecy
Level Artists Ubisoft Singapore
Team Lead Texture Artist
Texture Artists
Texture Artists Ubisoft Singapore
Lighting Artists
Menus & Interfaces Graphics Artists
Modelers Ubisoft Singapore
SFX Artists
Story Board Artist
Techniacl Artist Ubisoft Singapore
Team Lead Sound Designers
Sound Designers
Voice Designers
Data Managers
Data Managers Ubisoft Annecy
Data Manager Ubisoft Singapore
Tool Testers
Lead Quality Control Ubisoft Annecy
Tester Ubisoft Annecy
Testers Ubisoft Singapore
Senior International Product Managers
International Product Manager
Assistant International Product Manager
Production Business Analyst

Audio-Video Studio

Audio Studio Director
Video Studio Director
Actors Manager
Casting & Recording Coordinator
Music Specialist
Licensing Coordinator
Lead Sound Editor
Sound Editors
In-Game Foley Artist
Sound Consultant for Weapons
Scripted Events Foley recorded at Modulation Inc.
Voice Directors
Montreal Voices recorded at
  • Point D'Orgue
Montreal Voices recorded by
L.A. Voices recorded at
  • Soundelux DMG Studio
Soundelux Voice Over Business Manager
Italian Dialect Coaches
Voice Talents
Additional Cast
Additional Casting provided by
  • Bruno Rosato Casting
Lead Sound Technician
Sound Technicians
Video Editor
Video Production Coordinator

MoCap Studio

MoCap Studio Director
Production Assistant


Music composed by
Music produced by
Orchestrator and Conductor
Choir Contractor
Music Preparation & Score Reader
Music Editor
Scoring Engineer
Protools Operators
Music Mixer
Assistant to Jesper Kyd
Recording Studio
  • Capitol Studios [Hollywood]
  • American Federation of Musicians [Local 47]
Instrumentalists - Bass
Instrumentalists - Cello
Instrumentalist - Electric Cello
Instrumentalist - Flute, EWI
Instrumentalist - Guitars
Instrumentalist - Percussions
Instrumentalist - Solo Violin
Instrumentalists - Viola
Instrumentalists - Violin
Instrumentalist - Solo Tarantella Violin
Custom Buildt Step-Sequencer by
  • The Analogue Lab
Step Sequence written and conceived by
Additional Step Sequence Programming
Step Sequence Treatments


Director, Monreal Localization
Localization Project Managers
Localization Technical Lead
Czech Version by
  • Playman s.r.o.
Czech Localization Manager
Czech Translation
Czech Proofreading
Czech Linguistic Tests
  • Team Playman
Danish Version by
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Danish Project Manager
Dutch Version by
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Dutch Translation & Adaption
French Version by
  • Dune Sound Studios
French Translation & Adaption
French Production Manager
French Recordign
French Voice Direction
French Post Production
French Audio QA
French Voice Talents
German Version by
  • mouse-power GmbH
German Project Manager
German Translation
German Sound Studio
  • Tonstudio Krauthausen
  • Das Hörspielstudio [in cooperation with]
German Audio-Chief
German Artistic Direction
German Sound-Masters
German Studio Team
German Voice Talents
German Quality Check
  • mouse-power GmbH
Italian Version by
  • Synthesis
Italian Project Manager
Italian Voice Director
Italian Translation & Adaption
Italian Sound Engineers
Italian Audio QA
Italian Voice Talents
Japanese Version by
  • Ubisoft K.K.
Japanese Managing Director
Japanese Marketing Director
Japanese Sales Manager
Japanese Localization Director
Japanese Localization Manager
Japanese Localization Assistant
Jaoanese Translation & Adaption
  • Smartech
Japanese Recording by
  • AC Create Co. Ltd.
AC Create Co. Ltd.
Japanese Testing by
  • Pole To Win Co. Ltd.
Japanese Testers
Japanese Voice Talents
Korean Territory Manager
Korean Product Manager
Korean Localization Manager
NeoG (Korean Localization Vendor)
Norwegian Version by
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Norwegian Project Manager
Polish Version by
  • Gamekeeper
Russian Version by
  • Akella
Russian Localization Manager
Russian Translation & Adaption
Russian Sound Editor
Russian Voice Talents
Spanish Version by
  • Agua Massmedia
Spanish Translation & Adaption
Spanish Recordings by
  • Agua Massmedia
Spanish Production Team
Spanish Voice Talents
Swedish Version by
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Swedish Project Manager
Linguistic Tests by
  • Enzyme Testing Labs
Worldwide Production Manager
Head of Production
Project Manager
Lead Tester
Danis Localization Testers
Dutch Localization Testers
French Localization Testers
German Localization Testers
Italian Localization Testers
Norwegian Localization Testers
Spanish Localization Testers
Swedish Localization Testers


Assistant Director - IT Production
Assistant Director - IT Operations
Assistant Director - IT Services

Technology Group

Research & Development Director
Deputy Directors
Middleware Product Manager
Middleware Engineering Lead
Online Product Manager
Online Engineering Lead
Tools Production Manager
Tools Engineering Lead
Technology Group Coordinators
Product Managers Service
QA Team Lead Service
Tools Programmers Service
Data Manager Service
Technical Writer Service
Interface Designer Service
Programmers Bloomberg
Architects Flying
Team Lead Developers Flying
Developers Flying
Team Lead Fire
Architect Fire
Programmers Fire
Product Specialist FIre
Tools Programmer Fire
This software contains Adobe Flash Player Software Copyright 1995-2007
  • Adobe Macromedia Software LLC
Team Lead Gear
Programmers Gear
Tools Programmer Gear
Team Lead Oasis
Architect Oasis
Programmers Oasis
Tools Tester Oasis
Product Specialist Oasis
Audio Director Oasis
Architect Online
Coordinator Online
QA Online
Team Leads Rendez-Vous Platform
Programmers Rendez-Vous Platform
Team Lead Operation
Data Base Administrators Operation
Tools Testers Operation
Team Lead Realtree
Programmers Realtree
Product Specialist Realtree

Quality Control Studio

Quality Control Studio Manager
Project Manager
Lead Quality Control
Quality Control Coordinator

Test Studio Ubisoft Bucharest

Test Studio Manager
Quality Control Coordinators
Lead Testers
Lead Assistants
On Site Coordinator
Test Coordinators
Compliance Manager
Compliance Specialists
QA Networking Lead
QA Networking Specialists
QA Compatibility Lead
QA Compatibility Specialist
Special Tests Lead
Special Tests Specialist
Special Tests performed by
Data Manager
Hardware Manager
Hardware Assistants
IT Manager
Desktop Services Manager
Desktop Services Technicians

Compliance Team

Lead Compliance Specialists
Compliance Specialists

Playtest Lab

Playtest Lab Director
Playtest Lab Team Leads
Playtests Coordinators
Programmer Trainee

Editorial Marketing (C4)

Art Director
Production Manager
Communication Artists

Ubisoft Digital Arts

UDA Director
Associate Producer
3D Artist
Compositing Artists
Asset Technical Director


UPlay Director
Project Manager
Production Coordinators
Technical Lead Browser
Programmers Browser
Programmers Integration
Team Lead QA
Programmers QA
Technical Lead Service
Team Lead Service
Programmers Service
Team Lead UI
Graphic Artist UI
Action Script Developers UI

Massive Online Team

Lead Programmer
Product Manager
Team UI Design
Data Manager


Production Manager
Tools Tester
Tools Programmer
Data Analyst
Data Base Administrator

Ubisoft Montreal

Chief Executive Officer
Executive Vice-President Management
Chief Operating Officer
Vice-President Human Resources
Communications Director
Production Studios Services & IT Director
Finance Director
Secutiry Director

Ubisoft Annecy

Managing Director (France)
Director of Oeprations (France)
Director of Operations
Office Administrator
IT Administrator
Human Resources Manager

Ubisoft Singapore

Managing Director
Human Resources Manager

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment

Executive Director, Worldwide Studios
Chief Creative Officer
Worldwide Content DIrector
Production Content Director
Pre-Production Manager
Game Content Manager
Scenario Director
Gameplay Engineering & Entertainment Analysis Director
Worldwide Live Development Director
Live Development Manager
Live Development Analyst
Process & Methods Director
Worldwide Production Coordination Director
Senior Production Coordination Managers
Production Coordination Managers
Transversal Projects Coordinator
Certification Manager
Certification Coordinator - Age Rating
US Production Planning Director
US Customer Support Director
US Production Specialist
ESRB Manager
ESRB Coordinator
Studio Operations Director
Games Lab Manager
Games Lab Coordinator
Playtest Coordinators
Game Analysts
Chief Marketing Officer
International Brand Strategy Director
International Brand Group Manager
VP Licensing - Worldwide
Worldwide Licensing Manager
Licensing Manager
License Project Coordinator
License Coordinator
Licensing Assistant
Worldwide Licensing Marketing Manager
Worldwide Music Licensing Manager
Worldwide Localization Manager
Worldwide QC Director

Ubisoft EMEA

EMEA Executive Director
EMEA Chief Operating Officer
EMEA Marketing Director
EMEA Marketing Manager
EMEA Senior Brand Managers
EMEA Assistant Brand Manager
EMEA Local Brand Managers
EMEA Digital Marketing Team
EMEA Trade Marketing Team
EMEA Paperparts Traffic Team
EMEA Manufacturing Planning Team
EMEA B2B Sales & Partnership Team

Ubisoft North America

Sales Senior Vice-President
Marketing Senior Vice-President
Marketing Director
Marketing Associate Director
Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Public Relations Director
Senior Public Relations Manager
Media & Promotions Director
Advertising Associate Director
Advertising Manager
Online Advertising Manager
Online Advertising Coordinator
Promotions Associate Director
Promotions Manager
Promotions Specialist
Digital Marketing Director
Digital Marketing Associate Director
Senior CRM Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Online Marketing Manager
Associate Online Marketing Managr
Community Development Manager
Senior Web Producer
Associate Web Producer
Retail Marketing Senior Director
Retail Marketing Senior Managers
Retail Marketing Manager
Senior Retail Planning Manager
Sales Vice-President
Creative Services Vice-President
Creative Director
Senior Production Art Manager
Art Director
Project Manager
Copy Editors
Senior Editor
Production Assistant

Special Thanks

Special Thanks
Production Babies

Development Tools

This software contains Adobe Flash Player Software Copyright 1995-2007
  • Adobe Macromedia Software LLC
Bink Video Copyrigt 1997-2009
  • RAD Game Tools Inc.
Neurons Images by
Face FX Facial Animation Software
  • OC3 Entertainment Inc.
Havok Copyright 1999-2009
  • Havok.com Inc.
Additional Facial Animation Services provided by
  • Images Metrics Inc.
Humanik Middleware property of
  • Alias Systems Corp.
Ogg Vorbis Copyright 2009
  • Xiph.org Foundation
This product contains copyrighted material copyright 1998-2009
  • Quazal Technologies Inc.
Theora & Ogg Vorbis Libs Copyright 2009
  • Xiph.org Foundation
Wwise 2006-2009
  • Audiokinetic Inc.

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