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Mahjong Escape


Mahjong Escape is a mahjong solitaire game that takes the player on a journey through different historical ages from around the world. The game is divided into periods/countries such as China, Japan, Early India, Egypt, Byzantine Empire, Late India and Vietnam, with the possibility of others being released in the future. Every country or historical period represents a timeline divided into 60 puzzles with unique tile formations, background images and words of wisdom. The puzzles are organized into groups of five representing different ages or dynasties that defined the country through time. In order to progress further, the puzzles must be completed one by one in chronological order. Every fifth puzzle has a time limit--a final hurdle before stepping into the next era.

As in typical mahjong solitaire games, the main goal is to clear the screen by making pairs of identical tiles. The player can't use tiles that are surrounded from both the right and the left side, and neither those covered from above. However, since a part of them is still visible, the strategy consists of thinking ahead and removing the right tiles in order to avoid reaching a point when no more matches are possible. While most tiles can be removed only when they are paired with their exact twin, the flower and season tiles can also be matched with any other tile from their category, for example: autumn with summer, spring with summer, chrysanthemum with bamboo, plum with bamboo, and so on. Additionally, the key tile should always be used on the lock. After pairing the golden tiles, the score earned from every subsequent match is multiplied by two.

The player can use the following helpful power-ups throughout the game:

  • Hint - shows one available match.
  • Multi-Hint - shows up to four available matches.
  • Auto-Play - removes up to five pairs of tiles.
  • Shuffle - rearranges the tiles in a random way.
  • Joker - removes all matches of a selected tile, including those that are buried inside the pile.
  • Magnet - moves an exposed tile out of the way.
  • Time-Freeze - stops the clock for 30 seconds.
  • Skip - skips the current puzzle.

After depleting the initial batch of power-ups, the player can acquire more with Pogo gems. The latter can be obtained in several ways, but the most common one is buying them with real money.

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