Life Is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time

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PlayStation 4 credits (2015)

366 people (305 professional roles, 61 thanks) with 377 credits.

Life Is Strange Team

Game Directors
Executive Producer
Lead Designer
Music by
Original Story by
Additional Writers
Narrative Producer
Associate Producer
Assistant Producers
Art Director
Main Concept Artist
Senior Concept Artist
Concept Artists
Lead Level Designer
Narrative Assistant
Cinematics Artists
Additional Cinematic Artist
Character Rigger
Character Modelers
Additional Character Modelers
Lead Environment Artist
Main Environment Artist
Environment Artists
Additional Environment Artists
Outsourcing Manager
Main FX Artist
FX Artist
Lighting Artists
UI Artist
Main Animator
Additional Animator
Technical Director
Audio Lead
Audio Artist
Sound Designers
QA Lead Tester
QA Senior Tester


Maxine Caulfield
Chloe Price
Nathan Prescott
Victoria Chase
Warren Graham
Kate Marsh
David Madsen
Mark Jefferson
Principal Ray Wells
Professor Michelle Grant
Joyce Price
Frank Bowers

Casting and Voice Production

Casting and Voice Production
  • Blindlight
Casting and Production Supervisor
Production Manager
Production Associate
Voice Director
Dialogue Recordist
Dialogue Editors
Voice Production Coordinator
Audio Quality Assurance

Motion Capture

Motion Capture Supervisor


Production Director
Lead Motion Capture
Motion Capture Operator

Licensed Tracks

Alt J - 'Something Good'
Jose Gonzales - 'Crosses'
  • JosĂ© GonzĂĄlez (Writer / Composer / Performer)
  • 2003 Imperial Recordings under exclusive license to Peacefrog Holdings Ltd.
  • Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Local Natives - 'Mt. Washington'
Music Licensed by
  • Feel For Music
Additional Music
  • Audio Network

Dontnod Team

Chief Executive Officer
Other Projects Team Members
Office Manager
Administrative Manager
Production Babies

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Project Team

Assistant Brand Manager
Brand Marketing
PR Manager
Senior PR Executive
PR Assistant
PR Executive
Community Manager
Marketing Manager
Design Director
Technical Director
VP of Brand and European Marketing
COO Live

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Montreal Design QA

Production & Design QA Lead
Production & Design QA

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Creative

Brand Design Manager
Senior Artist

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Analytics Team

Head of Analytics
Data Analyst Specialists
Data Analyst
Intern Analyst

Square Enix Team: Eidos Montreal Online Development

Online Development Manager
Senior Online Service Programmers
Generalist Programmer
Online Services Programmers

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe User Research

User Research Director
User Researcher, Redwood City
Playtest and Research Manager (Montreal)
Playtest Analysts (Montreal)

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Operations

Operations Director
Head of QA
QA Project Manager
Mastering Manager
Senior Manager, Localization
Localization Manager
Localization QA Project Manager
Localization Producer
French Translator

Square Enix Team: Eidos Montreal QA

QA Manager
Functionality QA Supervisor
Technical QA Supervisor
Senior Mastering Technician
Lead QA Testers
Test Coordinator, QA
Senior Tester, QA
QA Tester
QA Compliance Lead
QA Compliance Senior Testers
QA Compliance Testers
Application Performance Lead
QA Application Performance Senior Testers

VMC QA Support

Test Manager
Test Leads
Compliance Testers
Functionality Testers

Testronic Limited

Localization QA Senior Project Coordinator
Localization QA Lead Technician
Localization QA Technicians

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Online Development

Online Development Director
Senior Online Operations Manager
Web Producer
Web Developer
Ruby on Rails Developers
Project Manager

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Web Development

Senior Web Operations Manager
Lead Web Developer
Web Systems Administrator
Back End Developer
Front End Developer
Web QA

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Digital Platform

Senior Manager - Digital Platform
Senior Software Solutions Manager
Project Manager
Assistant Project Manager
Senior Web Developers
Web Developers
Web Designers

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Digital Sales

General Manager
Head of Digital Sales
Business Development Manager
Digital Producer
Digital Games Manager
Business Analyst
Digital Project Manager
e-Commerce Coordinator
Digital Coordinator

Square Enix Team: Square Enix America

Senior Manager Sales
Senior Director of Channel
Senior Director of Sales

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe Legal

Senior Director & Head of Legal Business Affairs
Senior Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs
Legal PA

Square Enix Team: Square Enix Europe

VP of Corporate Communications
Finance Director
Head of Community

Square Enix Team: Special Thanks

Special Thanks


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Thanks to
  • Our playtesters
  • To all partners; girlfriends; boyfriends; husbands; wives; relatives; children and friends who share their lives with DONTNODDERS.
  • We could not thank you enough for putting up with the hard times; and being there with us during the good ones.
  • We would not have made it without you.
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