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Totomi is a puzzle game where animal blocks are used to build totems. Blocks appear on a assembly line (three at a time) and the player has to move them to any of the three totem slots below. To construct totem poles combos of animals and other object blocks have to be created. There are three different kinds of combo types: baby combos, eating combos and friend combos. Baby combos are started by placing two animals of the same kind on top of each other leading to a baby animal appearing between the two parents. Eating combos are started when an animal eats certain other blocks such as other animals or leafs. The eaten block will then turn into the type of the eater. Friend combos are started when two animals that are friendly to each other are placed on top of each other.

To collect the points from a combo it has to be ended by adding a block that does not fit into it. Some animals are hostile to each other and are knocked out if combined. Certain animals can climb on top of others, for example birds fly on top of heavy animals and monkeys climb on top of tree blocks. Animals can also get sick by eating the wrong food and they will then become inactive. If another animal eats that animal it will also get sick.

The game ends when time runs out and the aim is to get as big a score as possible. Blocks that are not part of a combo are called junk blocks. These should be avoided since points will be decreased for every junk block that remains when the game time is out. Collected totems get added to the player's total totem height. For every fifty blocks added to the total height the game level increases. When this happens ten extra seconds are added to the time bar. Making really high totems leads to special blocks appearing. These will make the totem even higher.

Totomi has a classic mode and an arcade mode. The classic mode uses all 23 building blocks and has the game logic describe above while the arcade mode has a limited set of blocks and a simplified game logic where it is possible to mix different combo types. There are three sub-modes for the classic mode. The main mode is the story mode where each level has a specific objective and where the player can unlock cards. In addition to that there is a totem marathon that is played until time runs out and a junk collector mode where as many junk blocks as possible has to be collected within two minutes.



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