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Adventures of Lolo 2

aka: Adventures of Lolo
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Adventures of Lolo 2 is a sequel to Adventures of Lolo (NES). Once again, the brave blue ball-like Lolo has to save the princess from the evil demons, who kidnapped her and imprisoned her in a high tower. Solve puzzles to proceed from room to room. Push tiles, eat hearts, turn green dragons into white eggs, and protect yourself from enemies firing at you and chasing you all over the room.


  • をドベンチャーズ γ‚ͺγƒ–γ€€γƒ­γƒ­ - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 74% (based on 15 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 25 ratings with 2 reviews)

At some points unforgivingly tough, but overall a great puzzle game.

The Good
Basically, the Adventures of Lolo series is what puzzle games are all about. In the first few rooms, you are introduced to the characters and elements and learn the rules of the game; what you can and cannot do with them. Then later on in the game you have to explore the limits of these rules to solve some of the tougher puzzles. The puzzles in this sequel are notably more difficult than in Lolo 1, which is a good thing.

Also the graphics have improved. The intro and the cut scenes are more elaborate, and there are alternate in-game graphics on floor 10 (or The Castle), but the in-game graphics in the rest of the game are for the most past the same.

The Bad
There is no rewind option to undo your last moves. Maybe this was not possible due to technical limitations of the NES, but this makes some rooms very frustrating to play. Once you have figured out how to solve a room, you sometimes have to restart it over and over again because you pushed a crate slightly too far, or didn't time that one shot perfectly. Also a "music off" option would have been nice. When you are wrecking your brain trying to solve the puzzles the repetitive background music can get on your nerves.

Secondly, some later rooms require you to shoot a Snakey off screen, then push a crate onto its respawn position, causing Snakey to respawn in a different position. This is usually a key position, which allows you to solve the room. These kinds of solutions are very unintuitive, because you can't know these alternative spawn positions unless you try it.

The Bottom Line
Fans of puzzle games should certainly check out Adventures of Lolo 2 (and Lolo 1 if you haven't already), it's a solid sequel with new puzzles and better graphics.

NES · by BdR (7108) · 2010

Lolo is back with a cute little vengeance

The Good
I like this Adventures of Lolo sequel every bit as much as the first game. The game followed the familiar formula of having Lolo's Lala captured to provide the impetus for the hero to solve 50 new room-puzzles. This game adds a new twist in that at the end of each floor in the castle, Lolo actually has to exercise some agility and defeat a boss with brute force (in the form of egg shots).

I really enjoyed cruising through the levels of this game and seeing all the old characters/obstacles (Medusas, skulls, glee-full fire-breathing dragons, narcoleptic green cat creatures).

The Bad
The boss battles at the end of each floor confused me somewhat. They just seemed out of place in this pure puzzle game. The object of this game is supposed to be logical thinking. The agility test detracted from that somewhat.

The Bottom Line
You liked the first game, right? There is very little reason you would not enjoy the second game as much.

NES · by Multimedia Mike (20603) · 2005


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