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X-Men: Next Dimension

aka: X-Men 3

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Game Informer Magazine (7.75 out of 10) (78%)

Activision has brought this title a long way since its first incarnation, refining Next Dimension to the point of being a fighter that holds its own. The combat system makes the most significant leap forward. It now feels much less random and hectic, and is fairly precise. Performing air combos, regular combos, chains, and super moves is easy with a little training. Although the combat is relatively more open-ended, ND still cannot touch the depth and precision of Capcom’s Marvel titles.

Dec 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

IGN (7.2 out of 10) (72%)

One of the least popular fighting games around the office in quite a long time, X-Men: Next Dimension is certainly not for everybody. Ribbed on as it may be by the other guys in the desks around me, nobody spent as much time with it as I did either. And nobody besides me was privileged enough to discover just how decent this one can actually be.

Oct 21st, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Playzone (71 out of 100) (71%)

X-Men: Next Dimension hat was! Zwar kommt es aufgrund diverser MĂ€ngel nicht an die Topspiele des PrĂŒgel-Genres heran, aber Spaß macht es allemal. Viele Moves gehen nach kurzer Zeit gut von der Hand und auch der Einsatz von Kontern ist nach ein paar Übungseinheiten kein großes Problem. Fans der X-Men sollten schon allein wegen der Charaktervielfalt unbedingt einen Blick riskieren.

Jan 2nd, 2003 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GameZone (7 out of 10) (70%)

This game could have been so much more. Even the Spider-man title, though heavy on action and combat, managed to thread together enough of a story to keep it evolving and entertaining. The storyline in this game is supposedly the reason for all the combat. Well, the very nature of X-men tales was good enough for that ­ not only do they have to contend with the Sentinels, but the Brotherhood as well.

Oct 29th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

4Players.de (67 out of 100) (67%)

Schade, an der Playstation hatte ich damals mit den X-Men eine Zeit lang wirklich Spaß. Die nĂ€chste Generation artet aber viel zu sehr in Arbeit und Ärger aus, als dass sich eine nĂ€here Betrachtung fĂŒr den Tekken 4-verwöhnten PS2-PrĂŒgler wirklich lohnen wĂŒrde: mistige Grafik und langweilige Levels schrecken schon beim Hinkucken ab, die unsaubere Kollisionsabfrage und der unausgewogene Schwierigkeitsgrad erledigen den Rest. Zu dumm, denn abwechslungsreiche Helden, eine brauchbare Steuerung sowie vielerlei Extras böten eigentlich genug Motivation fĂŒr ein lĂ€ngeres Verweilen. Comic-Fans mögen einen Blick riskieren, PrĂŒgelfans im Allgemeinen sollten besser gleich mit TekkenÂŽs Heihachi und Konsorten weitermachen, ohne die flĂŒgellahmen X-Men einer nĂ€heren Betrachtung zu unterziehen - es lohnt sich nicht wirklich.

Dec 30th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GameSpot (6.4 out of 10) (64%)

A number of X-Men: Next Dimension's characters require unlocking, and various other extras--mostly alternate outfits for characters--can also be obtained from repeated play. Still, the problems with the fighting system will probably keep you from playing X-Men: Next Dimension extensively. It can be a fine game to play with casual gamer friends who are fans of the source material, but since a number of better fighting games starring the X-Men already exist, it's hard to get too excited about this one. In the end, even the most ardent X-Men fans should probably just rent Next Dimension rather than buy it.

Oct 25th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Gamereactor (Sweden) (6 out of 10) (60%)

Efter mina första intryck lÄg motorsÄgen och puttrade, men efter lite mer tid och möda visade spelet sig vara helt okej spelmÀssigt. Det gÄr att Ästadkomma rÀtt snygga kombinationer och förutom nÄgra pinsamma buggar sÄ hÄller motorn hög klass. Det mÄste ocksÄ pÄpekas att Playstation2-versionen laddar ohemult mycket. Du fÄr rÀkna med minst en halv minut frÄn det att du lÀmnar valskÀrmen tills striden drar igÄng. Spelet Àr alltsÄ ett typiskt medelmÄttigt spel. Problemet Àr vÀl att det finns minst fem bÀttre fightingspel till maskinen sÄ motivationen att Àgna sig Ät det hÀr Àr inte den högsta. I de flesta fall Àr dessutom Marvel vs Capcom 2 ett bÀttre val för Marvel-fans. Men om du kÀnner till samtliga namn jag har hÀvt ur mig i den hÀr recensionen finns det nog en chans att du kommer att gilla det hÀr. Pröva Ätminstone.

May 7th, 2003 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) ( ) (60%)

Novices will have a hard time with X-Men Next Dimension, while experts will begin to spot its weak points almost instantly. Slightly sluggish controls hurt the faster characters, leaving some of the mid-speed characters’ blend of movement and power overbalanced in the grand scheme of things. Despite these issues, X-Men Next Dimension is a fun game that manages to capture the fighting styles, if not the personalities, of the comic characters, making it a solid choice for rookies who are fans of the franchise. Hardcore grapplers would be best to run this release through at least a rental test, where it’s easy to see some potential, but equally easy to see its quirks.

Nov 18th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Gaming Target (6 out of 10) (60%)

In the end, X-Men: Next Generation is just one big could-of-been. The fighting system could-of-been great if things were executed better, but they weren’t. The game’s story could-of-been great had developer Paradox simply used an old X-Men plot, but they didn’t. Finally, had Paradox tried some new things and built their game around the X-Men license, X-Men: Next Generation could-of-been great. Skip this one, you can thank me later.

Feb 11th, 2003 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (10 out of 20) (50%)

Encore une fois, les X-Men ne parviennent pas à convaincre sur console. Manque de rythme, réalisation trop limite, on les préfÚre largement lorsqu'ils apparaissent en 2D dans des productions plus musclées.

Nov 19th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GameSpy (38 out of 100) (38%)

Compared to the GameCube port, the PlayStation 2 version does have the advantage of using the Dual Shock -- arguably a much better controller for fighting games than the GameCube's stock controller -- but it also has to deal with the dearth of fighting game options available to PlayStation 2 gamers. The limited selection of the GameCube library is enough to make gamers consider giving X-Men: Next Dimension a look.

Dec 21st, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (3 out of 10) (30%)

Perhaps the most damning thing of all about Next Dimension though is that throughout our time with the game, we never once felt the impact of a blow or watched a character reel in pain - there's virtually no weight to any attack and hit contact is unconvincing. For a game based on a collection of the world's most powerful superheroes, that's as good a reason as any to avoid it.

Jan 13th, 2003 · PlayStation 2 · read review

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