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J-Bird is a conversion of the arcade game Q*Bert. The object of the game is to change all tiles in a pyramid to the target color by having J-Bird jump on the tile. Various creatures and objects can get in the way of J-Bird. These include a bouncing snake, cats, falling balls, and frogs. There are four rounds per level, and each level increases in difficulty by having more enemies onscreen and requiring more complicated rules for a tile to reach the target color (for example, on the second level you need to jump on each tile twice). On the sides of the pyramid are platforms which J-Bird can jump onto to evade the snake. If the snake is close enough to the platform when J-Bird jumps on, the snake will fall off the edge.

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When run on a true CGA card (including Tandy 1000's and the PCjr) the tweaked palette of red-white-cyan-black is used. Most other video cards will display the usual palette of magenta-white-cyan-black.

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