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Windows credits (2015)

190 People (185 developers, 5 thanks)

Frictional Games Are

Executive Producer
Creative Director
Engine Programmer
Gameplay Programmer
Tools Programmer
Audio Director
Graphic Designer
3D Artists
3D & 2D Artist
Coordinator & Community Manager
Additional Art
Additional Animation
Additional Illustration
Additional Level Art

Aditional Art by Art Bully Productions

Art & Project Directors
Props / Machines / Environments
Characters / Creatures / Organics

Voice Cast

Simon Jarrett
Catherine Chun
Terry Akers
Emma Alvaro
Automated Voice
Amy Azzaro
Robin Bass
Julia Dahl
Eric Darby
Shawn Evans
Matthew Frost
Steve Glasser
Javid Goya
Helper Jane
Raleigh Herber
Jasper Hill
Nicolai Ivashkin
Vigdis "Jonsy" Jonsdottir
Maggie Komorebi
Alice Koster
Sarah Lindwall
Nadine Masters
David Munshi
Ian Pedersen
Johan Ross
Mark Sarang
Carl Semken
Peter Strasky
John Strohmeier
Andrea Suther
Richard Thabo
Neil Tsiolkovsky
Brandon Wan
Additional Voices

Voices Recorded at SIDE, London

Voice Director
Recording Engineer
Copy Editor

Voiceover Audio Design and Implementation by KPOW Audio

KPOW Audio

Sound (External)

Sound Designer
Foley Artist
Additional Sound Design
Music Written & Composed by

Additional Credits

Additional Programming
Mac & Linux Porting


Project Manager and Assistant
As Simon
As Ashley
Set Gaffer and Driver
Special thanks to
Additional Photography



Additional Credits (2)

Evolve PR
Web Design and ARG
  • S&H Entertainment Localization


Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Additional Testing
  • Testology

Additional Credits (3)

"Sansation" Font by
Art Assets
The HPL3 Engine Uses
  • Angelscript
  • DevIL Image Library
  • FMOD Sound System [copyright ¬© Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd. 1994-2015]
  • Google Sparse Hash
  • Lipsync from Annosoft
  • Newton Dynamics
  • SDL2
  • TinyXML
Production Babies
  • Benjamin
  • Finn
  • Lucas
  • Luke
  • Mans and Noel
Special Thanks To
  • Adrian Chmielarz
  • Don Thacker
  • lmagos Studios
  • Everyone at SCEA and SCEE for their help and support
  • And extra special thanks to our nearest and dearest for supporting us throughout
Epigraph by

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