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Blossom Blast Saga is a puzzle game that builds on the design of other games in King's Saga series. This time the game is based around the bee Blossom. The player has to help her venture farther than her garden and explore the world. By linking buds to create flowers and provide nectar, levels are unlocked gradually along a winding path.

The levels are set in gardens filled with buds arranged in diagonal patterns. By tapping and dragging to select three buds or more of the same colour − horizontally, vertically or diagonally − a match is formed, they disappear from the garden and points are provided. A distinct gameplay element of this title is that the buds do not always disappear, their size plays a role. While dragging to create a link, a meter near the top of the screen is filled with two marks at different points of the meter. If no mark is reached, the match is created, but the buds remain and they only grow a little larger. By matching enough buds, or larger ones filling the meter more quickly, the first mark can be reached. This type of match removes all buds that are part of the chain and makes the last one grow into a flower, which increases the size of the surrounding buds and can cause chain reactions. With a very large match the second mark can be reached, causing the bud to bloom and explode, affecting a much larger radius that often causes chain reactions that clear the entire board. Another strategic element is that the longest chain is not always the best one. As only the last bud will bloom and explode, the player has to take into account where to halt the match in the position where chain reactions with surrounding buds are most likely. The gameplay does not involve swapping buds, just creating a link with what is available.

Most of the levels are based around objectives such as clearing the board or reaching a certain amount of points with a limited amount of moves. Up to three stars can be earned per level based on the final score. When the goal is completed with turns remaining, Flower Power is triggered. It waters some of the remaining buds to make them bloom and provides more points. A specific type of level is based around large buds of a single colour with a number inside. By creating blooming flowers of any colour directly next to them, the number is lowered. A match with buds of the same colour as the large one, ending inside, reduces the number even more. When the number reaches zero, the large bud explodes and almost always creates many chain reactions. Other game objectives are more typical of the genre, such as removing weeds, breaking plant pots, getting rid of moles that reduce the available space with each turn, or breaking glass surrounding buds by including them in matches. In the latter case a match can only end with glass tiles and they cannot be used to start the match.

The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases and an energy/stamina system based on lives that regenerate slowly. The premium gold currency can be used to buy boosters such as a shovel that removes unwanted elements, additional moves or more lives.

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