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TimeSplitters 2

aka: TimeSplitter: Jikuu no Shinryakusha

[ GameCube ] [ PlayStation 2 ] [ Xbox ] [ Xbox One ] [ Xbox Series ]

PlayStation 2 credits (2002)

173 People (163 developers, 10 thanks)

FreeRadical Design

Produced and Directed
Lead Programmer
Lead Artist
Music & Sound
Lead Animator
Level Setup
Additional Programming
Lead Character Artist
Character Artist
Additional Art
Additional Animation
QA Manager
Assistant QA Manager
Office Manager
System Support
Additional Music
Credits tune
  • Goteki
Voice Talents
Outsource Media Voice Talent
Matinee Sound and Vision Voice Talent
Special thanks

Eidos Interactive UK

Senior Producer
Executive Producer
Product Manager
Associate Producer
QA Manager
Assistant QA Manager
QA Supervisor
Product Test Co-ordinator
QA Technicians
Product Manager (France)
Product Manager (Germany)
Head of Project (Germany)
PR Manager
PR Assistant
Group Localisation Manager
Localisation Manager
Localisation QA Manager
Localisation Product Test Co-Ordinator
Localisation Lead QA Technician
Localisation QA Technicians
Head of Mastering
Mastering Technician
External Development Manager
Creative Manager
Senior Designer

Babel Media

Babel Media
Babel Media QA

Eidos Interactive US

Shadow Producer
VP of Development
Product Manager
PR Specialist
Senior Test Engineer
Test Engineer
Special Thanks to
Cover Art
  • Department X

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