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Slip Stream


Slip Stream is a shoot 'em up with a third person chase view similar to Space Harrier. The player controls an aircraft called the emerald fighter and has to fly through nine levels (here called streams) which have been overtaken by alien forces. In each stream there are various defence structures and crafts that are powered by a crystal located at the end of the stream. It is the player's task to destroy these crystals and thereby liberate the streams.

Like in other chase view shooters the player's craft is automatically moving forward while the player can steer it left and right, climb, dive and shoot. Movement is restricted to stream though which is located in the centre of the screen. Various obstacles and enemies will come in the player's path and these have to be either avoided or shot down. Getting hit by a projectile or colliding with a structure will lead to a life lost and the level has to be replayed.

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© 1989
  • Microdeal
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