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Gods of Rome is a one-on-one fighting game based on the gods of Roman and Greek mythology. It has simplified fighting mechanics in the vein of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Marvel: Contest of Champions, Mortal Kombat X or UFC, where control of the fighter is done through taps and swipes. Also similar to those titles a team of fighters can be assembled and upgraded multiple times. The game's story describes how Tenebrous, a forgotten son of Hades, has found a Chaos Vessel. With its power he is able to control both gods and warriors. Some gods immediately choose his side, but Zeus enlists a warrior called Ascender to defeat Tenebrous.

The main fighting mechanics consist of taps and swipes. On the left side of the screen swipes are used to move forward and evade, and tapping and holding is used to block. Offense is done on the right side of the screen: a single tap does a quick light attack, a swipe a medium attack, and tapping and holding a slow, but heavy attack. Landing attacks, receiving damage and blocking fills up a meter that consists of three parts, located near the bottom of the screen. When a part is full a powerful ultra attack can be launched. The controls and mechanics are identical for all fighters, just with different weapons and attacks.

Characters are defined by one or more stars for their general strength and rarity. All characters also belong to one of five classes, each with strengths and weaknesses in specific match-ups. The main characteristics are strength and health. Characters have bonds with other fighters, regular and secret skills, and up to three ultras. The story mode consists of three acts with events as a series of fights that need to be won in one go. There are sometimes branching paths and it is possible to replay them. The player assembles a roster of characters and takes up to five into a single event. It is possible to switch between them for each fight and characters need to be healed or revived if needed until the full series of fights is completed. Characters, items and bonuses can be gathered through four types of spheres. There are free ones with a cooldown time, a daily sphere, honor spheres (using divine keys as a currency) and epic spheres (using gems as a currency). Redundant or duplicate characters and items can be sold.

By winning fights the player earns ambrosia, gold, ichor, panacea, thunder and other types of items and materials. The different types of ambrosia and panacea are used to revive and heal characters respectively. Thunder restores energy for the stamina/energy system that is drained with each new fight and requires an in-app purchase or a waiting time to refill. Ichor is used to upgrade characters, combined with an amount of gold. Experience is awarded after each fight for a global player level. With each new level rewards are provided such as a higher energy, material and team limit. At level five separate and sometimes time-limited events are unlocked. These are the only way to earn nectar, an additional material used to upgrade characters after they have been maxed out. At level six PvP fights are unlocked. These are played one-on-one or three-on-three as a series of fights. PvP fights are the main way to earn divine keys as a currency, used for honor spheres. It is a free-to-play title with an energy/stamina system and in-app purchases for gems and other items.

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