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Monster House

[ GameCube ] [ PlayStation 2 ]

GameCube credits (2006)

163 People (132 developers, 31 thanks)

Developed by Artificial Mind and Movement - Montreal, Canada

Lead Designers
Art Directors
Game Director
Production Manager
Game Designer
Level Designers
Lead Programmer
Technical Lead Programmer
Game Programmers
Concept Art
Lead 3D Artist
Tech Lead Artist
3D Artists
Lead Texture Artist
Texture Artist
Senior Lighting Artist
Lighting Artist
Special FX Artist
Lead Animator
Lead Sound Designer and Composer
Sound Designer
Thou Art Dead Composer
QA Lead
Gameplay Analyst
Creative Director


Executive Producer
Head of Production
Game Executive


Director of Technology
Lead - Tools Team
Tools Team
Lead - Framework Team
Framework Team
Lead - Graphics Team
Graphics Team
Lead- Audio Team
Audio Team
Lead - Simulation Team
Simulation Team
Chief Technology Officer
Artistic Technical Directors
Programming Technical Directors

Additional Credits

Additional Level Design
Additional Concept Art
Additional Modeling
Special Thanks

Voice Talent

Voice-Over Casting / Production
  • Voiceworks Productions Inc.
V.O. Director
Recording Studio
  • Atlantis Group
Cut Scene Script


Project Manager
Creative Manager
Art Director
Associate Project Manager
Technical Manager
Director, Project Management
Director, Quality Assurance
QA Managers
Test Supervisor
Test Lead
First Party Supervisor
First Party Specialists
QA Technicians
Mastering Lab Technicians
Database Applications Engineers
Game Evaluation Team
Director of Global Brand Management
Senior Global Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Director of Creative Services
Senior Manager, Creative Services
Creative Services Manager
Package Layout & Design
Instruction Manual
Special Thanks

Sony Pictures Consumer Products

Executive Director, Interactive
Executive Producer, Interactive
Special Thanks

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