Journey to Silius

aka: Raf World, The Terminator
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The year is 0373 in the new space age calendar. The earth's population is growing rapidly and people are now forced to start space colonies. Jay McCray is among those leaving earth and heading to the colony in the Silius solar system. Unfortunately, terrorists have destroyed a research colony there. Jay's father was killed in this attack and now Jay vows to destroy the terrorists responsible and to continue the research his father was working on.

Journey To Silius is a side scrolling platform game. On each level there are a wide variety of robot enemies guarding the terrorist's fortress, along with several weapons to find, which makes the mission easier. There are a total of six stages, each ending with a very large boss.


  • ラフ World - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 77% (based on 12 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 22 ratings with 1 reviews)

The Legend Lives On

The Good
Journey to Silius is another game I have a specific sentiment for. Among the others this was a game I was raised on. I remember my brother coming with the cartridge, beating the shit out of the bosses and me watching in amazement. I always enjoyed the graphics, music, atmosphere, but time has come to be critique now. My numero uno in the game is naturally the music-unremarkable, not even the midis or remixes can beat the atmosphere the Nes tracks spawn. The techno beats and Anime-like melodies were some of the best music tracks I've ever heard in a game. Castlevania, Guardian Legend and other classics shrink down to alsmot nothing when compared to these. The graphics were also top-notch. The atmosphere the professionaly graphics spawn is catching and nearly magic for a 14 Year old game. The enemy graphics are awesome, the huge bosses are drawn very realistic. Altough the enemies are limited to 4 colours from the pallette their done very well and professionally.The Backgrounds make it look like a SNES game.

The Bad
The first thing that throws itself on the table is the tough gameplay. Naturally, I lough beating trough this game, however, at times it was almost impossible to beat certain bosses on certain health ammounts-plus the healing orbs were as rare as they could be. Without an emulator and it's saving options-playing on Nes it's more than obvious You will go mad when dying for the ?th time, because the bosses, altough have easy patterns, the sub-bosses and numerous traps (especially on the fifth level) make Your life as miserable as You could imagine. What I also don't like is Jay's look. I do agree that he looks like a dork, but once You focus more on bosses You will forget about having a large quadratoid shape for hair :) I have seen the alpha pictures from several mags (let's not forget-this was going to be a Terminator game) that the hero looked totally different-larger, more detailed and I can't understand why for holy sake they scrapped that hero. I would certainly enjoy playing the role of a cyber-soldier more than an astronaut kid with a huge square head. Perhaps it was the intention to make the character deformed (or Chibi as Anime fans say) but this doesn't work. The game is also really short. A total of 5th (each containing 1 mid-boss and 1 main boss) levels take no longer than one evening for an experience player. I really wish there would be at least 2 more levels. The lack of multiplayer also decreases this game's replayability and leaves it with a simple one-finish if You have a dozen of others. I predict You won't play this more than twice if You don't fall in love with this game as I did.

The Bottom Line
If You don't have it You should be ashamed of Yourself. If You own a NES this is a must-I see nothing absolutely wrong with saying that this is one of the best games for Nes, if not the best. One thing still puzzles me-in Poland this game was released with a name "Irafi". I would swear Jay's character looked differently, plus the title was different. I was surprised to find it with a title Journey To Silius. I have searched the entire Internet for this name and end up with no results. It has become a mystery of my life-if anyone knows something about this please drop me a line at [email protected]

NES · by Othello Picklehammer (11) · 2004



Ever notice how the first boss looks like a T-800 exoskeleton?... well it almost is. Journey to Silius started out life as a videogame to The Terminator. For whatever reason it was scrapped and the graphics converted into their current form and storyline.

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