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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze

aka: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Die Gefahr des Ooze-Schleims

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games! Dein Gaming-Magazin (7.5 out of 10)

Der Witz an dieser Aussage ist, dass ich etwas ähnliches vorletztes Jahr über den bestenfalls passablen Download Titel Out of the Shadows gesagt habe, aber dort war diese Aussage mehr frustriert als erfreut. Doch Danger of the Ooze ist WIRKLICH das beste Turtles Spiel seit langer Zeit. Es ist nicht nur okay oder passabel, es ist gut. Ein ordentlicher Genre-Vertreter, der die Atmosphäre und den Humor der Vorlage überraschend gut einfängt. Größtes Manko ist, dass es nach knappen 5 Stunden schon vorbei ist, selbst wenn ihr alle Lücken durchforstet. Es reisst keine Bäume aus und es wird auch kaum auf irgendwelchen Top 10 landen, aber es ist ein wirklich gutes Ninja Turtles-Spiel.

2015 · PlayStation 3 · read review

XLC Gaming Network ( )

WayForward has produced a stellar challenging and rewarding Metroidvania TMNT game, with plenty of action to keep the young ones entertained. It may not introduce anything new but exploring levels for upgrades and collectibles is fun and entertaining. Having the option to swap between all four green ninjas from the start means gamers will be able to pick there favourite to take on the evil Shredder. It does lack the challenge for older gamers but if you are looking to gain trophies / GS this is perfect to boost your collection. If you have a young gamer that is a major turtles fan then you can’t go wrong with this game. It also seems that WayForward anticipated some older gamers playing this title as there are small references to the NES classic which I loved.

Nov 4th, 2014 · PlayStation 3 · read review

Pixelrater (6.5 out of 10)

All things considered this probably isn’t the Ninja Turtles game you were looking for. It is, however, a very mediocre Metroidvania style game based in the TMNT universe.

Dec 23rd, 2014 · PlayStation 3 · read review

Games Asylum (6 out of 10)

Danger of the Ooze is proof that a little fan service can go a long way, helping here to cover the cracks caused by a distinctly limited budget. Once the dust has settled on this season’s AAA releases, those wanting to revisit their childhood should bear this adventure in mind. Michael Bay withstanding, the Turtles really haven’t changed much over the years. The games they star in, however, are finally starting to evolve.

Nov 14th, 2014 · PlayStation 3 · read review

Totally Gaming Network (6 out of 10)

A nice attempt to bring the series to consoles.

Nov 14th, 2014 · PlayStation 3 · read review

GameCrate (5.7 out of 10)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze should've been so much more. It is a huge step forward from the horribly flawed Out of the Shadows, but still can't quite come out of its shell when it comes to delivering satisfying gameplay. Perhaps next time around, WayForward can give us an adventure worth yelling "Cowabunga!" about.

Dec 5th, 2014 · PlayStation 3 · read review

PushStartPlay (5.6 out of 10)

In a nutshell or should I say turtleshell, do not set your expectations to high for this game, and by doing so, you might just enjoy it and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this game more then Out of the Shadows. Sure it’s a game that is not going to win any technical awards (or any awards for that matter), but as a dad in his 30’s, I’ve enjoyed sharing this game with my son, something that has been exclusive to the Lego franchise in my household. But regardless of my low hopes that I may have had for this game, the TMNT geek within will always have high hopes for a quality new-gen instalment based upon the awesome Nickelodeon series.

Nov 13th, 2014 · PlayStation 3 · read review

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