007: Nightfire

aka: James Bond 007: Nightfire
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You take on the role of James Bond and must save the world. The Phoenix International Corporation is focused on dismantling nuclear warheads throughout the world, but later evidence has been found that the CEO of the corporation, Raphael Drake, is using his company's concept as a means to find and use the warheads for his own purposes. Because his plans are so well hidden, it is up to Bond, with the help of Q and his gadgets, to stop Drake at whatever cost.

Throughout the game, you will be taken to more than ten exotic areas, reaching all areas of the globe, confronting the beautiful Bond women. In your quest to stop the Phoenix Corporation, you have a variety of weapons available to you, from your trusty Walther to more advanced and prototype machinery.

There are twelve total missions, all of which combine stealth, combat, and Q's trusty gadgets, such as your laser watch and X-ray eyeglasses.'

There are five levels that take place in your Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, and other exotic but deadly sports cars. These missions aren't available in the computer version of the game, instead the Windows version has some other bonus missions.

On the multiplayer side of things, there are over ten multiplayer modes, some of which include characters and settings from previous Bond moves.


  • 詹姆斯邦德007:暗夜之火 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 78% (based on 37 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 76 ratings with 6 reviews)

No Need 4 Movies From Now On

The Good
| The Name is James, Bond James |
From the very start, this games hooks you up as FMV opening sets a unique theme song and as the game starts, you see a typical "James Bond shooting atcha" screen and the story opens with a dynamic action sequence. Being my first and currently the only James Bond game in my collection, I'll put aside my personal feelings for EA and keep getting these games if they keep making them this good, and this James Bond alike. The plot is different yet so perfect for James Bond universe, it has all you need to it, women, loads of badguys, a madman, and secret agent, and captures the essence of James Bond in the best possible sense you could imagine.

| Ready 2 Rumble |
This is basically a FPS (first-person shooter) with some huge exceptions. Aside from regular weapons you may find in other shooters, there are Q's gadgets that James Bond could do without, plus you get to drive Aston Martin (it'll probably be BMW in next one) with explosive Need4Speed experience. But that ain't the only vehicle, you'll drive heavily armored battle jeep, submarine version of your car, or be at a gunman point of a snowmobile or a small plane with, duh, woman at the driving seat. When you're on foot, you can only play in first-person view, though some actions will trigger third-person view automatically (e.g. cable walking), but when in your car you'll be able to switch between first-person and third-person view on the fly. Engine works splendid and graphic and sound effects are top notch as well as James' humorous responses.

| Bond 2 the MAX |
On the fun side, you'll never get bored or see just more of the same, each mission will be unique experience and with extraordinary quality of speed of visuals and dynamics on the screen. There will be stunts like you could only expect to see in James Bond movie, like driving snowmobile through the Alpes and jumping off the cliff and right through the pursuing chopper, or driving a car right through the restaurants due taking the shortcut. This game has a hype that'll live up to your expectations, whether just an action fan or James Bond fan in general, this is something you gotta love to try.

The Bad
Not much, perhaps it might've been a little longer, but when you spot all the details it has, you just take it as one of those masterpieces that end up being short because it simply takes time to make even the slightest level with such quality.

The Bottom Line
| The Game That Injected Me Some Hope About Electronic Arts |
You can forget about watching any James Bond movies after getting this game. It gives you more time to enjoy than a movie, and has better plot than most of James Bond movies, takes you to more exotic locations, and gives you plenty of scenes to let you believe you're being a renowned secret agent himself in the movie of top quality. I used to love James Bond movies as a kiddo, but kinda lots the touch for them a few years ago. This game I actually bought as it was on a special discount. Luckily, I never imagined it could achieve this level of amazement and perfection, and ensure my step back in the world of James Bond series. The reason I liked this one so much may perhaps be it's very similar to Moonraker, the second best JB movie I've seen (first one is The Living Daylights), and the voice actor that gave voice to James Bond fits perfectly, I could barely notice it isn't Pierce Brosnan, since character model is made after him. This is not just a game, nor an interactive movie, this is a true experience which I can hope will be followed by equal in quality series, and not just give-us-more-money-'cos-we're-EA sequels.

Xbox · by MAT (238622) · 2012

This game ranks up there with Goldeneye, the only other good Bond game.

The Good
The storyline is bad, but neither is it good. Some of the missions seem lacking in point. The multiplayer is what makes this game so good. In my book the secret to a good multiplayer, which also in my opinion is why games should exist, is that they should have massive interactive levels, lots of game play options, and a ton of weapons. This game has all of these and even more than that. The levels are incredibly large, almost always with two different sides. The gadgets in the multi. mode are actually used, I have used the grapple to escape on many an ocasion. There are a control scheme for every bond movie and for the game, which is probably the easiest to use. The AI can be horrible or incredibly smart and well capable of you. I have practiced against these AI so much that my friends will no longer play with me because I always .

The Bad
The way that too many elements are introduced to the same game. Leave stealth to Splinter Cell, and driving to Gran Turismo.

The Bottom Line
You should buy this game for its multi.

Xbox · by Jester236 (34) · 2004

Talk About A View To A Kill

The Good
The James Bond games have always been fun to me! Nightfire is a good game, and should be remembered The graphics are actually really good! The story line will constantly have you at the edge of your seat. The game has a variety of guns and gadgets. Lovely level designs and and great CG graphics. I also love the multi-player in this game! Though the game sounds flawless, its not.

The Bad
Perhaps the programmers should have made Bond just a tad bit more durable. Bond dies way to easily in the game. Or perhaps the game designers should have made the level designs less confusing. Players will find themselves going into the same lobby/room/etc. This is especially frustrating in the level "Night Shift". And it could have also been better if the car was supplied with a little more ammo. Ammo is very very limited in the "Vanquish" mission. Those are the flaws I find most important to point out.

The Bottom Line
The game is fine! You'll have lots of fun destroying your friends in multi-player or just battle some enemy bots when alone. The games story line is great. I used the "View To A Kill" reference because that's one of my favorite Bond movies,and NightFire is one of my favorite Bond games.

PlayStation 2 · by TwoDividedByZero (114) · 2010

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After work was finished on 007: The World is Not Enough, Electronic Arts decided to unlink the games from the films since it was very hard to get the game finished simultaneously with the film. They wanted Eurocom Entertainment Software to make a game based on one of the old movies, but updated as in a remake. Keeping the original 60s setting was brought up several times, but always rejected.

After going through the movies, the decision fell on the Bond film You Only Live Twice, but EA preferred Moonraker. Eventually the remake idea was dropped and Nightfire being something of a mash-up of both films. For example, Raphael Drake, the game's villain, closely resembles Moonraker's Hugo Drax. Moonraker also featured narrow escapes from shuttle exhaust, villains fleeing into space and a laser battle on an orbital platform.


With the exception of some of the more far-out guns (such as the laser rifle), most of the guns in this game are real world weapons (in fact many of them also featured in Counter-Strike). However, to avoid royalty issues with the gun manufacturers, the game gives them all slightly altered names. For example, Bond's famous Walther PPK has now become the Wolfram PP7, and the Fn PN90 from Counter-Strike and Stargate SG-1 has become the Munitions Belga PDW90.


The ending credits feature the famous cinematic phrase, "James Bond Will Return."

Additional information contributed by Sciere and Terrence Bosky

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