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Starship Rendezvous

aka: Star/Ship Rendezvous


This is an Adult game!

If you start the game from disk1, there are four levels, and you will walk around what looks like a hangar bay with space ships. There are various adult objects lying around that you can collect. At the end of a level there is a female "boss", and you get to use the adult objects on her. The gameplay is pretty laggy, and you can only shoot one bullet and need to wait until it has left the screen. The more enemies are on the screen the worse the lag becomes. Enemies don't notice you unless your in their direct line of view (straight in front), but they do see you through walls and will try to shoot you even though they cannot. Generally it is easiest to avoid them rather then shooting at them, with the exception of the female boss at the end of the level which you need to shoot to begin the "boss" game.

If you start the game directly from disk2, you will go straight to the "Special Stage Michelle", here you have a similar adult game as the "boss" game at the end of each level of disk1, without having to play the level. The main difference is that the "boss" game on disk1 is Japanese Anime style, the one on disk2 is based on photos, and the quality of the photos will depend on the MSX machines capability. For best quality a MSX2+ or TurboR should be used.


  • スターシップランデブー - Japanese spelling


Credits (MSX version)

8 People

Logical Work
Visual Work
Audio Work
Copy Work
Design Work
  • Soul Bee

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  • MobyGames ID: 78070


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