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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

aka: Star Wars: Jango Fett

[ GameCube ] [ PlayStation 2 ] [ PlayStation 3 ] [ PlayStation 4 ]

PlayStation 2 credits (2002)

170 People (145 developers, 25 thanks)

Lead Programmer
Lead Level Designer
Lead Artist
Lead Animator
Assistant Producer
Level Designers
Technical Art Director
Character Technical Directors
Technical Artist
Level Scripting
Additional Programming
Additional Art
Additional Animation
Lead Tester
Quality Assurance
Lead Sound Designer
Music Designer / Editor
Sound Design (LucasArts)
Sound Design (Skywalker Sound)
Voice Director/Producer
Lead Voice Editor
Voice Editor
Assistant Voice Editor
International Assistant Producer
International Lead Tester
Content Coordinator
Special Cinematic Sequences By
  • Industrial Light & Magic
Computer Graphics Supervisor
Animation Director
Special Visual Effects and Animation Producer
Voice and International Dept. Coordinator
Voice Cast
Voice Recorded At
  • Screenmusic Studios
Recording Engineers
Assistant Recordings Engineers
Original Star Wars Music Composed By
Additional Original Music
Original Star Wars Sound Effects
Video Compression
  • CRI Middleware
Product Marketing Manager
Public Relations
Manual Writer
Manual Editor
Manual Design
Package Design
  • Origin Studios
Internet Marketing
Development Interns
The Developers Wish To Thank
Very Special Thanks

Take 2 Creative Audio


The Sound Company LTD


Auckland Audio


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