The Guardian Legend

aka: Legend of Goardic
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In the far future, Earth is a peaceful place with very few worries. To ensure it stays that way, a top secret project was authorized: the creation of the guardian suit. It's a suit of flight armor that allows the guardian to survive any environment. It's a good thing too, because a giant space station is spotted on a collision course with Earth.

You take the role of the guardian. Your mission is to activate the station's self-destruct and destroy it before it collides with Earth. As you travel through the station NAJU, you'll find increased armor and better weapons to help you defeat waves of enemies. You'll battle through the station in a human form and also as a jet in certain areas.

There's also a hidden mode that allows you to play the game in Arcade fashion - only autoscrolling overhead shooting levels, without the on-foot part. New weapons and upgrades are automatically awarded after each level depending on the player's total score. Dying resets the score to zero.


  • ガーディック外伝 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (NES version)

22 People (17 developers, 5 thanks)

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Map Maker
Effect Idea
  • Sin-Kun
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  • Irem Corporation
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Average score: 80% (based on 17 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 27 ratings with 2 reviews)

Endless Adventure

The Good
This game possesses numerous advantages that certainly attract the attention of an average player. First-its length. I can't count many NEW games that are beatable within a day, maybe two. Not TGL. The supply of the complex passwords system should already give you an idea how long this is. Not only that, you will spend numerous hours memorizing the bosses' patterns and I can assure you-they're tough and numerous. The world is a vast maze of halls and stationary points, like entrances to the flight areas (corridors) shops and password points (where you receive a game generated password for you to continue the game from this specific moment if you break the fun, like in having the bad luck of going to work). There is a large number of power-ups which makes this game more RPG, than a shooter as you can develop your character as well as enhance the power of your battle equipment. Many times you will have to explore great numbers of halls of NAJU and defeat many mini bosses, by which you could raise your abilities and prepare Yourself for the next flight and the next boss.This game is simply a plethora of gameplay, there is so much to do that you will possibly get lost in the maze and objectives, fortunately your handy automap comes here.

The graphics are very high quality-the colours are rich and the rainbow of the palette flashes before your eyes as you play. Little sprites are quite detailed with each pixel having its purpose-definitely a lot of work was put into them...(read below)

The music is, as you may think for a Japanese game-great. One could think-this is simple Anime melodies with more techno beats. No, this is a great mixture of a cinema-near atmospheric tunes, each, even the generic NAJU surface tune doing the job. The only bad thing I find about the tunes-is that they are short and could get repetitive after a while, if they didn't sound so good.

Of course I could not not mention the main character. Although we can see her as a jet many times, her animations are quite good, definitely better than in some of the earlier games. In the ending cutscene we are also rewarded with her cute smile that is thoroughly worth beating this game :)

The Bad
While many graphics shine with work put into them, a lot are simple recoloured variants of others. I found that the authors were quite lazy, when I saw the same boss, just in a different colour for the third time..

The labyrinths are very dull with repetitive tiles in every step and the enemies, mini-bosses and numerous barricades and blocks being the only attraction-there are of course stationary points (pimp up) each looking the same (pimp off).

The game is also very hard. It takes great time to master the simple maze, then there are the bosses. Many times you won't even reach them, as the flights are also very hard. Enemies come from different ways, and as you try to desperately reach for the supply that just felt down your ships accelerates to an enormous rate and you achieve the speed of your projectiles. Can you imagine fighting at such a speed? I certainly find it hard.

The Bottom Line
Get it, because it's worth it. In this year (2004) the game is having it's bronze age (15 years) so it's just another solid argument of getting the game. If you like long games and if you like good games, this one is certainly for you. Don't get me wrong tough. This is not something to beat with a couple of chums, bottles of beer and one good evening. You need time for this game if you don't want it to dust to death on the shelf. Sit down, relax and prepare yourself and your heroine for a long adventure you will surely remember to the end of your mortal existence. Is this journey worth sacrificing other plans just to beat this hard game and remember it? I say yes.

NES · by Othello Picklehammer (11) · 2004

Great hidden gem

The Good
The best part of the game is the 2 types of gameplay. Both the overworld and the shooting stages are fun with varied environments. The gameplay is fun and challenging in both sections.

The graphics are good for an NES game. Each section has different artwork with a good variety of enemies. A lot of the enemies are reskinned versions of earlier enemies. This was a common practice in this era to save space on the cartridge.

There is a variety of weapons that you can use with different

The Bad
The game is hard!!! A lot of the bosses in the flying stages are bullet sponges that will hit you hard. It took us many attempts just to survive the opening boss before you even get to the overworld stages.

Due to the massive amount of stuff on the screen, things will drop out on occasion as the sytem is pushed to it's limit.

The Bottom Line
Really a neat game and concept. Definitely worth a try for anyone into retro games.

NES · by jeremy strope (159) · 2023



The Guardian Legend was marketed by Broderbund as part of its "Action Series."

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