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Post Mortem

aka: Chaonengli Zhengtan
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Set in the 1920s, Post Mortem puts the player in the role of MacPherson, a retired private detective, whom is hired by Sophia Blake. His assignment is to find out who killed her sister and brother-in law.

The gameplay is similar to games like AmerZone: The Explorer's Legacy and other first-person adventure games, where the player goes hunting around for clues and interacts with other characters. During cinematics, the game moves the perspective to the third-person and offers different dialogue choices. The storyline is affected according to chosen lines.


  • 超能力侦探 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 72% (based on 40 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 36 ratings with 4 reviews)

Alright, the first review! I'd better make it a good one...here it goes.

The Good
Well, the graphics were the first thing that caught my eye, naturally. The storyline and the plot are both intriguing...and overused. You start out as a witness to a grisly murder of a couple in bed at the Hotel Orphee (that's OR-FAY for all of you who hate to mispronounce words). In any case, you wake up from a psychic vision of sorts (yes, your character is a clairvoyant as well) and answer a knock at your studio door. It's a woman named Sophia Blake, the sister and sister-in-law of the victims who were murdered. To make a long story short (too late), You play Gus McPherson, a private eye turned painter who gets involved in a macabre murder mystery that gets more and more bizarre as it unfolds. I liked the game honestly, being a fan of such classics as The Colonel's Bequest and The Dagger of Amon Ra. I did, however, have a few complaints.

The Bad
First of all, the acting was terrible. The emotion put into the speech varied to such a degree that it was obvious each actor recorded their lines individually and the production crew just threw it all together into a recipe they called dialogue. On top of that, as far as "multiple endings" are concerned, you really only have three options. You can play through the game as a private eye, a journalist, or an insurance agent, and your "ending" changes accordingly. I haven't played through all of them yet, so I can't describe to you what happens (don't you hate when people do that anyway?) So I would say, besides the sometimes overly eccentric plot and always annoying acting, I can't say too much else badly about the game. Try it out, you might very well like it.

The Bottom Line
If you're into mystery, suspense, sometimes a little fear, this is a good game to try. I say "good" because it's certainly not the best. It is fun though, and I think anyone who is a fan of the genre will get wrapped up in the world of Post Mortem. Have fun, and happy gaming!

Windows · by Aaron Jones (14) · 2003

Would of, Could of, But Wasn't

The Good
Well I have been playing adventures for a very long time (cut my teeth on late 80's sierra stuff). I have had a hankering for an adventure with todays tech and finally found one I could get into.

Post Mortem has all the great stuff a Dark Adventure trip needs. Murder, a tough smart detective, scary moments, deep plots. Like about a million books before it Post Mortem uses the out of work police detective that was shamed\fired\ect. The feel of the game was great, the designers did a great job making sure everything was dark and deep.

The Bad
Unfortunately Post Mortem suffers from some fatal problems.

  1. Character animation is just terrible. The trouble is not in the graphics themselves but in the way the characters move and act during conversation. I would never in a million years think real people would act that way. (well unless they were on some sort of drug, perhaps)

  2. Voice acting. This problem isnt as bad as I have read some reviewers say. Yes there are some places that the lines are drop down bad (some horrible writing) and even more instances of terrible performance of lines (especially the women). But overall I think its ok.

  3. Your character knows things he shouldnt.
    There were some moments that the character had found something out (in what way I never understood) that wasnt revealed in a note or object that was found. He would just blurt it out. There was some real problems with story maping in this game.

  4. Overall Game feel This game just felt incomplete, it was like someone designed a A++ game but then didnt do the basic QA needed to polish it up to the same level he designed it for.

    The Bottom Line
    Overall I think the game had great potential but just failed to pull it all together. If I was on the QA team for this game I would have purchased a copy of a Tex Murphy Game and gave it to the writers and designers. That way they could see a better example of how to pull together an excellent story.

Overall I give it a rating of a C Could have easily been A++, but they dropped the ball

Windows · by William Shawn McDonie (1130) · 2004

Good enough!

The Good
This game has good story and easy to play. A couple has been killed by a strange man (he looks like Jack the Ripper) in a hotel room in Paris. The story then becomes strange but we can still understand it.

The Bad
Average graphics and bad ending. This game was built in 2003, so the 3D graphics aren't interesting. The ending is too short for a long-period game like Post Mortem, but thanks to Microids because they made three possible endings for this game.

The Bottom Line
Well, the game is good enough for me as I finished it on November 2007 in just 5 days. This game is good for adventure game lovers and it has simple gameplay, just point-and-click something on the screen to play. However, it isn't recommended for children because there is some blood, violence and sexual activities included in this game.

Windows · by Sherlockindo (85) · 2008

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