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Bubble Bobble

aka: Arcade Archives: Bubble Bobble, Bubble Bobble Classic

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Retro Archives (16 out of 20) (80%)

Bubble Bobble prĂ©sente, Ă  bien des niveaux, les caractĂ©ristiques du bon petit jeu de plateforme des annĂ©es 80, au principe assimilable en une poignĂ©e de secondes, et dont on pense qu’on aura fait le tour au terme de dix minutes de jeu. Grave erreur! Sous ses dehors mignons et sa jouabilitĂ© simplissime, le logiciel imaginĂ© par Taito dissimule en fait une vraie technicitĂ©, et franchir les cent niveaux du jeu vous demandera de maĂźtriser Ă  la perfection des subtilitĂ©s bien dissimulĂ©es qui peuvent changer votre façon de jouer du tout au tout. Si les joueurs occasionnels seront sans doute heureux de s’y essayer le temps de quelques parties, de prĂ©fĂ©rence Ă  deux, ceux qui mordront au concept pourront littĂ©ralement passer des semaines Ă  dĂ©couvrir les mille et une façons d’aborder un titre mettant bien plus la rĂ©flexion Ă  contribution qu’il n’y parait au premier abord. Essayez et vous comprendrez.

Oct 31st, 2018 · Arcade · read review

All Game Guide ( ) (70%)

Gameplay is simplistic in design, but nicely balanced, and the graphics are colorfully clean. The music is repetitive, but not a deterrent for gamers looking for a smooth, enjoyable challenge. The game generated numerous sequels and spin-offs, including Rainbow Islands -- The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2 (1987).

1998 · Arcade · read review

Game Hoard, The (4 out of 7) (57%)

The cute and colorful adventure of Bub and Bob is, for the most part, a breezy and somewhat plain platforming adventure with a bunch of interesting items to tinker with and level layouts that do their job well enough. The later stages do ask a lot of the players though as they start asking for tight puzzle solving and perfect movement, but for the most part, the enemy-bubbling action is brisk thanks to the small levels, that size meaning they can present a quirky platform arrangement or power-up to play with as brief but interesting focuses. Bubble Bobble is charmingly saccharine and balances a simple premise with a wide variety of items to keep your interest, but it’s certainly more of a pastime than something to invest a heavy amount of time into, especially because it wants you to do far too much to see the game’s underwhelming true ending.

Nov 6th, 2020 · Arcade · read review

Crash! N/A

A deceptively simple game that proves very addictive and lots of fun to play. A high cuteness factor combined with a neat and bouncy tune that would fit with a children's TV show makes Bubble Bobble very compelling. Invest a few coins as soon as you can . . .

Apr 1987 · Arcade · read review

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