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Bubble Bobble

aka: Arcade Archives: Bubble Bobble, Bubble Bobble Classic

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Critic Reviews 83% add missing review

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (958 out of 1000) (96%)

A very lively game taking advantage of the Atari ST's smooth movement and speed making the game pleasant to play and the best conversion of the Taito hit. The animation of the ST complements the colourful sprites and the 100 screens, each with their own pattern of play. The music is simple for the ST, but lively - livelyness being the key word in describing this arcade hit.

Feb 1988 · Atari ST · read review

The Games Machine (UK) (94 out of 100) (94%)

ST Bubble Bobble is amazingly close to the arcade original, everything from the introductory screen to the extended jingle is there, and the two player Bub/Bob partnership captures all the fun of the cute coin-op. Cliché or not, Bubble Bobble is easily one of the best coin-op conversions on the ST so far.

Feb 1988 · Atari ST · read review

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (915 out of 1000) (92%)

Still plays well, but looks a bit old now.

Oct 1988 · Atari ST · read review

Atari ST User (91 out of 100) (91%)

Best with two players, this is a simple and effective game that no self-respecting games player should be without.

May 1992 · Atari ST

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (9 out of 10) (90%)

It's unlikely you'll ever discover or master all the features in Bubble Bobble. If you're not finding ways to dodge Baron von Blubba or finding the best place on the screen to burst a group of bubbles, you'll be working out how to collect all the fruits and treasure on the screen before the time runs out. The game's as addictive as bubble gum and as long lasting.

Oct 1987 · Atari ST · read review

ST Action (88 out of 100) (88%)

So old it's got grey hair sprouting from its insides! Ancient platform game that is still good to give the kids when you fancy a pint.

Mar 1993 · Atari ST · read review

Atari ST User (8 out of 10) (80%)

Bubble Bobble is an addictive and varied all-action arcade game. Its non-violent scenario and unaggressive content should widen the game's appeal to a larger audience, yet it manages to retain all the challenge and excitement that the hardened arcade player craves. Definitely one to buy.

Mar 1988 · Atari ST · read review

Power Play (8 out of 10) (80%)

Die Atari ST-Version ist wohl die optimale Umsetzung des Bubble Bobble-Automaten. Guter Sound, tolle, detaillierte Grafik und alle Extras der Spielhallen-Version haben mich begeistert. Dank der schönen Grafik spielt sich die ST-Version besser als die 8-bit-Versionen, denn Monster und Extras sind viel schneller zu erkennen. Besonders toll finde ich auch, daß 2 Saurier gleichzeitig spielen können. Ob im Teamwork oder gegeneinander, das Spiel zu zweit mach am meisten Spaß.

Jan 1988 · Atari ST · read review

Retro Archives (15.5 out of 20) (78%)

On attendait de Bubble Bobble sur Atari ST une prestation à la hauteur de celle observée sur Amiga, et c’est très précisément ce qu’on obtient. Même la musique reste d’une qualité qui n’a pas à rougir de la comparaison avec celle de la machine de Commodore. Comme le reste est jouable, fluide et fidèle à la borne d’arcade, aucune raison de se plaindre.

Oct 31st, 2018 · Atari ST · read review

Popular Computing Weekly (10 out of 20) (50%)

Bubble Bobble is mildly entertaining in a monotonous kind of way. It is fine for the younger games player but otherwise it lacks the kind of polish which would convince you it was really running on an Atari ST.

Dec 31st, 1987 · Atari ST · read review

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