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Jokers Wild Poker


Jokers Wild Poker is a variant of video poker, a game played using terminals in casinos. The player's main goal is to make winning hands using the cards dealt. There are two stages to the gameplay process. After betting up to five tokens, the player receives five cards and must choose which ones to hold. The discarded cards get to be replaced by new ones, selected randomly. If some or all of final cards form a winning combination, then the player wins the amount listed in the above paytable. Suffice it to say, the reward increases with the amount wagered at the beginning. The main difference from the regular video poker is the presence of two Jokers (therefore the deck is comprised of 54 cards) that act like wild cards. They replace the missing links in a combination, so that the player gets the best possible outcome. Here is the list of winning hands:* Two Pair (two pairs of cards with the same rank)

  • Three of a Kind (three cards with the same rank)
  • Straight (five cards in a sequence, whatever the suit)
  • Flush (five cards of the same suit that don't have consecutive ranks)
  • Full House (Three of a Kind and One Pair)
  • Four of a Kind (four cards with same rank)
  • Straight Flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • Joker Royal (a Royal Flush where at least one card is a Joker)
  • Royal Flush (10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit)


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