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Turbo Out Run

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Zzap! (97 out of 100) (97%)

All the extra speed will be needed if you haven't beaten the 959 - in a great animated sequence he waves to your girlfriend at the checkpoint, and she gets out to go for a ride with him! The race to get her back takes you through deserts, forests (with logs to bounce over), snowstorms, cities at night with oil on the road, and lots more besides. 16 levels make for one spectacular arcade game!

Dec 1989 · Commodore 64 · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (93 out of 100) (93%)

The speed you need and all the frills you want come together in the most incredible driving game yet seen on the C64. An astounding conversion which shouldn't be missed.

Dec 1989 · Commodore 64 · read review

Games Machine, The (UK) (93 out of 100) (93%)

Excellent presentation and superb def title track, samples and effects from the Maniacs of Noise create a great atmosphere. It's not just a mere race game, it's a real package. Turbo is fast, colorful and the C64 sprites surprisingly well defined. To choose between this and Power Drift is like choosing between an Amiga and an ST. The Amiga's miles better. Ha ha.

Jan 1990 · Commodore 64 · read review

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (926 out of 1000) (93%)

All of the frills from the coin-op are here - including the progress map, work shops, opening sequence in which the blonde abandons the Ferrari and joins your rival in his Porsche, turbo mode, and some superb sound samples. Probably the best C64 coin-op conversion of the year.

Feb 1990 · Commodore 64 · read review

SuperGame (92 out of 100) (92%)

O turbo acrescenta muito ao jogo. A velocidade dispara e voc√™ at√© fica meio grogue ao volante. √Č jogo obrigat√≥rio para quem gostou da vers√£o anterior.

Jun 1992 · Genesis · read review

Retrogaming History (9 out of 10) (90%)

Turbo Out Run rappresenta una tappa forzata per ogni Commodoriano che si rispetti. Tecnicamente parlando è un gioco eccelso, con grafica varia, definita e colorata, accompagnata da un eccezionale tappeto sonoro, che fanno di questo gioco uno spettacolo audiovisivo di rara bellezza. La perfetta manovrabilità della Ferrari, unita alla varietà di situazioni e all'ottimo bilanciamento della sfida, rendono questo prodotto uno spettacolo per chi lo gioca. In definitiva, un capolavoro entrato di diritto nell'Olimpo dei pesi massimi per Commodore 64. Da avere assolutamente.

Apr 12th, 2010 · Commodore 64 · read review

Commodore User (89 out of 100) (89%)

In complete contrast to Turbo on the Amiga, the 64 version provides a fast fun game and conversion that will even please the sceptics.

Dec 1989 · Commodore 64 · read review

Games Machine, The (UK) (85 out of 100) (85%)

Graphically Turbo Outrun on the ST is as colorful and detailed as its Amiga twin. The other road users are as big a pain as ever, but as always a jab on the turbo button sends you rocketing off into the distance. If you liked the original, Turbo Outrun is for you.

Feb 1990 · Atari ST · read review

Zero (84 out of 100) (84%)

Okay, it's yet another drivey game. But it's addictive and it's got an extremely good learning curve. It's great fun to play and without doubt a vast improvement on the previous Outrun incarnation. If racey games are your particular bag of spanners, then there's absolutely no reason not to buy Turbo Outrun for your Amiga.

Jan 1990 · Amiga · read review

Zzap! (80 out of 100) (80%)

Another extremely playable US Gold coin-op conversion.

Jan 1990 · Amiga · read review

Commodore User (8 out of 10) (80%)

Graphically, TO certainly achieved the state-of-the-art - the ever-changing backgrounds, the high level of detail generally and, in particular, the representations of the adverse weather conditions are excellent.

May 1989 · Arcade · read review

Crash! (79 out of 100) (79%)

A good racing game - amongst many others - that Out Run fans will like.

Feb 1990 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Zero (79 out of 100) (79%)

Unfortunately, the scrolling lets it down a little bit but it's still a brill game. Not excellent but brill, and no one should be disappointed if one Mister Santa Claus leaves a copy under the tree on Christmas Day.

Jan 1990 · Atari ST · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (9.4 out of 12) (78%)

Insgesamt gesehen handelt es sich bei TURBO GUT RUN zwar nicht um das Spiel des Jahres, doch wer den Automaten mag, kann es sich ruhigen Gewissens zulegen.

Dec 1989 · Commodore 64 · read review

Sinclair User (78 out of 100) (78%)

A brilliantly accurate conversion that suffers from a lack of vision.

Jan 1990 · ZX Spectrum · read review

ST-Computer (3 out of 4) (75%)

Auch die Hintergrundgrafiken k√∂nnen sich sehen lassen. Das Ruckeln der Grafiken am Stra√üenrand ist nicht mehr ganz so schlimm wie beim Vorg√§ngerspiel Out Run. Es st√∂rt kaum noch. Man muss sich schlie√ülich auf die Stra√üe konzentrieren. Grund zur Kritik gibt es allerdings bei den Animationen des Ferraris. Im Vergleich zu Out Run hat der Flitzer viel weniger Animationsstufen, so dass die Unf√§lle etwas abgehackt aussehen. Wohl nicht mehr gen√ľgend Speicherplatz gehabt, was? Doch Fans von Out Run werden vermutlich trotzdem mit diesem Spiel gl√ľcklich sein. Es ist ja auch ganz nett gemacht, aber Hitqualit√§ten, wie es englische Kollegen auf der Packung bescheinigen, besitzt Turbo Out Run nicht.

Mar 1990 · Atari ST · read review

Amiga Joker (74 out of 100) (74%)

Turbo Out liegt, dank der schönen Grafik und flotten Animation, etwa gleichauf. Der Sound ist absolute Spitzenklasse, und so machen die ersten Runden im roten Ferrari denn auch einen Heidenspaß. Auch die Steuerung ist OK, dennoch verabschiedet sich die Motivation nach einer gewissen Spieldauer: Zu schludrig haben die Programmierer gearbeitet, damit das Game noch beim großen Weihnachtsgeschäft mitmischen durfte.

Dec 1989 · Amiga · read review

Power Play (73 out of 100) (73%)

Sega hat es tats√§chlich geschafft, das sagenhafte Out Run zu verbessern. Das Fahrgef√ľhl bei "Turbo Out Run" ist noch eine Spur besser und die Musik l√§√üt sich auch h√∂ren. Da kommen bei mir richtige Miami-Vice-Gef√ľhle auf. Das einzige, was mich am Automaten st√∂rt, ist die teilweise etwas hektische Streckenf√ľhrung. Manchmal mu√ü man schon heftig hin- und herschalten sowie Gas- und Bremspedal bearbeiten, damit man nicht von der Strecke fliegt oder einen Mitfahrer rammt.

Jul 1989 · Arcade · read review

Supersonic (72 out of 100) (72%)

Turbo Out Run n'est pas mauvais, mais il n'atteint pas les sommets auxquels on peut rêver

Jul 1992 · Genesis · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (8.6 out of 12) (72%)

Insgesamt gesehen handelt es sich bei TURBO GUT RUN zwar nicht um das Spiel des Jahres, doch wer den Automaten mag, kann es sich ruhigen Gewissens zulegen.

Dec 1989 · Atari ST · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (8.6 out of 12) (72%)

Insgesamt gesehen handelt es sich bei TURBO GUT RUN zwar nicht um das Spiel des Jahres, doch wer den Automaten mag, kann es sich ruhigen Gewissens zulegen.

Dec 1989 · Amiga · read review

Play Time (70 out of 100) (70%)

Grafisch hat sich einiges getan, denn im Gegensatz zum Vorg√§nger ‚ÄúOut Run‚Äú wurde das Scrolling stark verbessert. Die tolle Geschwindigkeit vermittelt ein viel besseres Fahrgef√ľhl und erh√∂ht au√üerdem die Spielbarkeit. Die Hintergrundmusik wurde auch sauber programmiert, jedoch k√∂nnen die brachialen Soundeffekte mehr √ľberzeugen, denn gerade der Turbo dr√∂hnt in bester Ferrari-Qualit√§t.

Jun 1992 · Genesis

ST Format (70 out of 100) (70%)

Turbo Outrun is a lot of fun to play if you were impressed by the arcade machine or if you just want to slam your foot to the ground and race at top speed. As a conversion, it has been done very well. The game has captured the spirit and pace of its coin-op parent - but even that was an unoriginal and tiresome game. Take away the steering wheel and great sound effects of the coin-op and you're not left with anything particularly thrilling.

Jan 1990 · Atari ST · read review

Amiga Format (70 out of 100) (70%)

A vast improvement on the original conversions. Still not a brilliant game because although there is a better impression of speed it is still lacking. You do seem to be flung around the corners rather erratically, too, and the collision detection is a bit iffy at times. All in all it is not a bad racing game but it is not outstanding either.

Jan 1990 · Amiga · read review

GamesCollection (7 out of 10) (70%)

Un Porting a met√†. Peccato non aver sfruttato a fondo le doti della macchina, lasciando al giocatore la chiara sensazione del "si poteva fare di pi√Ļ". Dove √® finita la grafica a bordo pista e di contorno dell'Arcade? A questa domanda non avremo mai risposta purtroppo. E cosa ne √® stato del framerate da urlo? Se dovete scegliere, puntate diritti su Chase HQ. Se potete averli entrambe, vi far√† passare comunque ore di divertimento, a patto di impegnarsi per impratichirsi ed impradronirsi del sistema di gioco

Jul 8th, 2008 · FM Towns · read review

Oldies Rising (14 out of 20) (70%)

A la lecture de ce test, il vous serait ais√© de garder une mauvaise impression de ce Turbo Outrun. Pourtant, malgr√© ses d√©fauts, nous ne sommes aucunement en pr√©sence d'un mauvais jeu. Plaisant √† jouer, il a pour lui l'atout majeur d'√™tre assez impressionnant techniquement pour un Amstrad, et ce malgr√© des ralentissements ne jouant r√©ellement pas en sa faveur. Nombre d'√©l√©ments contribuant √† la qualit√© des autres versions ont certes disparu, mais il n'en demeure pas moins un titre √† conna√ģtre pour les possesseurs d'Amstrad, ne serait ce que pour les bons moments de plaisir qu'il vous procurera malgr√© sa dur√©e de vie plut√īt limit√©e...

Nov 19th, 2013 · Amstrad CPC · read review

Your Sinclair (70 out of 100) (70%)

A disappointing sequel to the original rolling-road racing coin-op. Much better than the original OutRun, but hardly the best of the current driving games.

Feb 1990 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Your Sinclair (66 out of 100) (66%)

[Budget re-release] Turbo Outrun is cheap and fun, but it's also a jerky, repetitive multi-load.

Jan 1992 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Commodore User (65 out of 100) (65%)

It is daggers out time I am afraid to say. The Amiga version of Turbo Out Run, potentially conversion of the year, has turned out to be nothing more than an over-hyped piece of average software.

Dec 1989 · Amiga · read review

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (601 out of 1000) (60%)

You didn't spend all that money on Commodore's wonder machine to sit looking at awful still graphics and listen to the disk drive churn.

Jan 1990 · Amiga · read review

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (601 out of 1000) (60%)

At least the long awaited between level is cut out on the 1040 machines, but otherwise (unfortunately) it's business as usual.

Jan 1990 · Atari ST · read review

Datormagazin (6 out of 10) (60%)

Turbo Out Run är helt klart en förbättring av Out Run men frågan är om det någonsin kommer att komma upp i samma intresseklass som arkadspelen. Hur som helst är Turbo Out Run till 64:an det som Out Run egentligen borde ha varit...

Jan 1990 · Commodore 64 · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (6.4 out of 12) (53%)

Dagegen erweist sich Turbo Out Run auf dem PC als nahezu unspielbar, denn nicht nur per Tastatursteuerung kommt das Handling des Ferrari einer Katastrophe gleich. Von einem rasanten Autorennen kann da keine Rede sein. Technisch ist es ebenfalls eher schlecht als recht um dieses Game bestellt. Zum einen l√§√üt die Grafik in allen drei ‚ÄěG√ľteklassen‚Äú sehr zu w√ľnschen √ľbrig, zum anderen macht das Scrolling seinem Namen wieder einmal alle Ehre. Einzig und allein der Sound wu√üte zu √ľberzeugen, sogar auch ohne Soundkarte. Alles in allem bleibt mir jedoch keine andere Wahl, als von Turbo Out Run dringends abzuraten.

Feb 1991 · DOS

Classic-games.net (5 out of 10) (50%)

In the end Turbo Outrun is simply average. It is neither offensive nor exceptional. There is fun to be had but at the same time you could play a better racing game instead. The Outrun name can only carry it so far, leaving this a missed opportunity to really expand the formula.

May 5th, 2021 · Genesis · read review

Video Games (47 out of 100) (47%)

Faszinierend, da√ü eine Fortsetzung technisch schlechter sein kann als das Original. Sega macht‚Äės m√∂glich und √ľberrascht mit einer Ruckelorgie, bei deren Anblick den Programmierern des Ur-Out-Runs schlecht werden d√ľrfte. Neben der Grafik wurde auch die Steuerung und damit das ‚ÄúA und 0‚Äú eines Rennspieis kr√§ftig verrissen. Entgegenkommenden Autos kann man kaum ausweichen; die Berge und Streckenhindernisse hingegen sind reine Verzierung, die sich aufs Fahren praktisch nicht auswirken. Sega h√§tte sich gerade angesichts der spielerischen D√ľrftigkeit des Automatenvorbildes bei einer Umsetzung doppelt M√ľhe geben m√ľssen. Ein √ľberfl√ľssiges Modul, das das Potential des Mega Drives in keiner Weise nutzt.

May 1992 · Genesis

Oldies Rising (9 out of 20) (45%)

Une mauvaise adaptation, √ßa c'est certain! La jouabilit√© est pr√©sente mais le c√īt√© technique compl√®tement obsol√®te laisse songeur! Il n'en reste pas moins que le jeu est tout de m√™me plaisant, le temps de le terminer. On n'y prendra pas un plaisir monstrueux et encore moins sur cette version probablement mais il amuse tout de m√™me.

Aug 21st, 2011 · FM Towns · read review

Power Play (43 out of 100) (43%)

Leider alles schon mal dagewesen. Ein Zwei-Spieler-Modus und verschiedene Renner h√§tten mehr Abwechslung gebracht. Leider nicht mal was f√ľr absolute Renn-Fans, auch nicht, um sich die knapp √ľberdurchschnittlichen Musikst√ľcke zu Gem√ľte zu f√ľhren. Neues mu√ü her!

Jun 1992 · Genesis

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (5 out of 12) (42%)

Im Gegensatz zum Vorg√§nger f√§hrt man nun einen F40 und keinen Testarossa mehr Dieser ‚ÄėPferdewechsel‚Äė tat dem Programm meines Erachtens jedoch nicht gut, denn viel von seiner einstmaligen Spritzigkeit ist nicht zur√ľckgeblieben. So ist die Grafik nun lieblos ausgefallen und langsam, und auch der Sound mitsamt FX k√∂nnen nicht gefallen. Deshalb setzt lieber auf den ‚Äėalten Gaul', der wesentlich besser zu gefallen wei√ü, oder sattelt um auf Test Drive, bei dem ihr auch einen F40 fahren d√ľrft.

Jun 1992 · Genesis

Sega-16.com (4 out of 10) (40%)

In the grand scheme of things, most people will regard Turbo OutRun was a brain fart, a game that got a port because it had to. I look at it (along with Data East's subpar OutRunners) and see lost potential. The OutRun series was always great in the arcades, and each subsequent port on the Genesis was worse than the one before it. The only consolation fans have is the first game, which seems to be the only time Sega got it right.

Jan 7th, 2009 · Genesis · read review

Power Play (32 out of 100) (32%)

Kurz gesagt: Turbo Out Run ist ein spielerisch einf√§ltiges Autorennen, das als Automat dank der tollen Hydraulik Spa√ü macht, als Computer-Programm allerdings eine klare Fehlz√ľndung ist.

Jan 1990 · Atari ST · read review

Power Play (32 out of 100) (32%)

Einzig dem Grafiker geb√ľhrt Lob: Sowohl Hintergrund-Landschaft als auch Sprites sind toll gezeichnet. Zum Ausgleich ruckt die 3D-Grafik gewaltig und ist zudem nicht gerade schnell. Der Sound hat dagegen keine H√∂hen oder Tiefen und pendelt sich im Mittelma√ü ein. Kurz gesagt: Turbo Out Run ist ein spielerisch einf√§ltiges Autorennen, das als Automat dank der tollen Hydraulik Spa√ü macht, als Computer-Programm allerdings eine klare Fehlz√ľndung ist.

Feb 1990 · Amiga

Player Reviews

Not exactly memorable, but fun.

The Good
Considering the awful job US Gold did with the original "Outrun" for the CPC, one did approach its first sequel, "Turbo Outrun", with extreme caution.

And while the apprehension was well justified, this entry in the series, which would in turn be followed by "Outrun Europa" turned out a much more satisfying game. The graphics are colourful and detailed, the scroll, while not exactly fast, is serviceable enough, and while the handling could be better the low level of difficulty makes it a really nice ride.

Actually the game is so forgiving that one can just concentrate in the beautiful scenery and ignore the game faults for a while. The much advertised "turbo" new feature is also welcome, if not too original. You simply get an (optional) extra boost now and then, while a convenient "overheat" prevents you from abusing it.

The Bad
There are some other new features, like an opponent in the shape of a Porsche 959, or the possibility to add new parts to your F40, but none of them affects gameplay that much. Actually, I'm pretty much certain that in the Amstrad CPC version the "high grip tyres" or the other parts do absolutely nothing.

Also worth of mention here is that we don't get any FX, just the same tune in every stage. It's a very nice tune, alright, but I for one would have preferred some engine and screeching sounds.

The Bottom Line
"Turbo Outrun" is an average driving game, nothing else. But considering how the original got butchered in the Amstrad CPC version, at the time "Turbo Outrun" was seen as an opportunity, and not a completely wasted one, to make things right.

The gameplay is just average, but the graphics are so nice and the game so forgiving that you'll eventually play it now and then, just for a welcome change of pace from more hectic racing games or to see the sunset in L.A. at the very end.

by Neville (3551) on Mar 16th, 2009 · Amstrad CPC

Too easy, jerky, technically shoddy - generally a poor conversion

The Good
The entire game is recreated, with a good variety on the background graphics and reasonable computer cars.

The Bad
The car's handling is quite slippery, and the movement of the scenery extremely jerky. The roads create no sensation of speed, and the other cars look pasted-on. Many of the backdrops are technically laughable, with flat trees, and sky effects which look corrupted. The only sound effect is the turbo, and the music is pretty by-the-numbers; Amiga hardware can do so much more.

The loading times between levels are almost as long as the levels themselves, and the change-over is indicated by the background suddenly changing, a short pause, and then the game resuming, which is distracting and inelegant.

The transmission and upgrade options are time-limited to 10 seconds - while this made sense in the arcades, it's a ridiculous limitation on the home versions.

With 5 continues, each of them fully recharging the turbo, it's not likely to take long to complete, especially as the levels only really vary visually.

The Bottom Line
Like the first OutRun game, the home versions generally felt like rushed jobs, lacking on technical and gameplay fronts. Although this improves on the first one, and is probably the best home version, it looks a bit pathetic next to the Lotus games. If you love the arcade game, you'll get some enjoyment out of this, at least until you complete it (OutRun games weren't the most demanding of racers), but it could've been better.

by Martin Smith (81353) on Sep 1st, 2004 · Amiga

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