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A Legend of Luca

aka: A Legend of Luca: A Room-Scale VR Game
Moby ID: 79506


A Legend of Luca is a virtual-reality dungeon-crawler. The player takes control of Luca who receives a mission by the goddess Diana: finding the Weapons of Virtue and free humanity from the evil grasp from Diana's husband Vulcan. The story does play a minor role within the game.

Each visit to the randomly generated dungeon has the same pattern: entering a room and killing enemies with action-based combat. The next step is looting which rewards useful items like health energy, armor, new weapons (melee or ranged) or keys which open locked doors. Other important finds are vials which charge the weapons' secondary attacks and permanent upgrades (e.g. more health) which are kept even after the permadeath feature kicks in. After a few rooms and defeating the boss, the journey leads the player to the next dungeon floor with harder enemies.

While it is possible to change position in the room, e.g. to avoid standing on traps, the player is usually stationary (both in the game and in reality). By using the motion controller, a pair of hands is moved around the room and interact with items and enemies. The floor height is calibrated to the waist which results in a miniature look.

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