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4th & Inches

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Kids and casual players will probably prefer 4th & Inches over TV Sports Football. It's challenging enough to test your skill without trying your patience. Gameplay is fun, and you can even choose to play five- or ten-minute quarters if your attention span is short.

Mar 1989 · Amiga · read review

Amiga Computing (71 out of 100) (71%)

The computer opposition is utterly fallible and will gladly leave plays incomplete just to make you happy. They still tend to beat you 27-3, but you can't have everything. 4th & Inches makes you want to play it, even though the tunes make you want to join the Neighbours School of "Acting".

Apr 1989 · Amiga · read review

Zzap! (69 out of 100) (69%)

Whereas TV Sports Football uses the Amiga to produce some quite dazzling graphic effects, 4th and Inches doesn't show any improvements over the 64 version, released about a year ago. There's not much in the way of sound, either: just a couple of basic tunes and a second or two of sampled crowd roar. This is an accurate, if slightly easy, sim of American Football - but faced with a choice between this and the competition. I know which one I'd rather buy.

Apr 1989 · Amiga · read review

Your Amiga (68 out of 100) (68%)

The graphics are small and not particularly detailed but they serve their purpose well enough. As far as I can see, there has been no attempt to enhance the gameplay from the eight bit version which is perhaps something of a disappointment. Having said that though, this really is a fun game to play and I can't see any American football fan not getting considerable enjoyment out of this game.

Jun 1989 · Amiga · read review

Amiga User International (6 out of 10) (60%)

All the graphics are almost pixel-perfect copies of the 64's. Compared to those of Cinemaware's TV Sports Football the sprites look pretty feeble. Although the tunes are nothing to shout about there are a couple of good digitised effects. With all these faults, 4th & Inches remains a highly enjoyable game. American football enthusiasts will find plenty enough in it for some involved sessions, but it won't be long before you beat the computer opponent so a friend to play against will come in handy.

Mar 1989 · Amiga · read review

Player Reviews

Laughable compared to TV Sports and Madden; generally primitive

The Good
The name conjures up an image of an exciting moment in a match, as well as being confusing to non-followers of the sport.

The Bad
There's no proper tournament to play - just one-off matches - which kills any long-term gameplay.

The feel is very sluggish, with passes very hard to play accurately as a result. TV Sports Football is twice as fast, infinitely prettier and a year older.

The playbook is quite limited, and a lot of the moves are difficult to pull off.

The reissue was sold as being A1200 compatible even though the graphics were almost unbearably corrupted on such a system (the technical issue is excusable given the game's age, the packaging thoroughly fraudulent.

It's one of the least stable games I've ever played, crashing so often that your chances of completing a quarter, let alone a whole match, are slim.

The Bottom Line
A football (that's American Football) game of minimal quality. More Lemon of Troy than Troy Aikman.

by Martin Smith (81353) on Jun 18th, 2004 · Amiga

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