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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Panem Run

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Panem Run is an auto-run platformer created as a tie-in to the 2013 movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second part of The Hunger Games trilogy. In this endless runner the player controls Katniss Everdeen as she moves through three of the twelve districts of Panem with randomized designs to spread hope to the oppressed inhabitants. She runs automatically and the player uses swipes and taps to make her switch lanes, take turns, jump and slide. Along the way she collects materials and the basic currency called sparks, while dodging obstacles. Every now and then there is a fork in the road to choose which district to visit next. Each district has a different theme and its own materials based on the professions there.

Certain breakable objects can cause Katniss to stumble. This causes Tracker Jackers to appear, sent by the Capitol to take her out. They eventually disappear, but if she stumbles again while they are still around the run is immediately over. Every now and then archery bonus rounds are activated. These are short sequences where Katniss draws her bow. The player swipes left, right or upwards to hit targets rewarded with additional sparks. Power-ups can be picked up as well, granting invincibility and a fast speed or providing a temporary shield.

The different materials called Bread, Coal, Katniss, Netting, Primrose, Rue, Scrap Metal, Solenoid, Wood ... are used to craft specialty arrows with additional perks. Crafting takes time and this can optionally be skipped by spending coins. The same materials are also used to upgrade Katniss's skills. They are efficiency, endurance, ingenuity, intensity, perception and protection. Upgrades are permanent and can be performed multiple times.

The game is free-to-play with coins that are bought as in-app purchases or by watching a video advertisement. Before starting a run three spin bonuses are provided. They are activated with coins or coins can be used to spin again and receive a different selection. Coins can be used to receive a revive as well.

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