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Into the Dead


Into the Dead is a zombie-themed endless runner. It has an unusual approach as it is played from a first-person perspective uncommon for the genre. The player's character runs at a constant speed and needs to avoid all the zombies that are in the way. This can be done through different control options, such as tilting the device or one of three control schemes with virtual buttons, either one of each side of the device, or both grouped on one of the sides. There are no borders or limits to moving left or right. Zombies can be avoided, but the character has to watch out for glancing off, as this can distort balance and controls for a short moment, making collisions more likely.

The environment and enemy placement are randomized for each run and there are different environments such as a regular field, a cornfield, a forest and so on. There are also some obstacles such as fences that can be jumped or trees to avoid. The goal is to do several runs getting as far as possible while completing challenges to level up. This is rewarded with coins, the basic currency, as well as weapon unlocks. Several types of weapons can be equipped such as a revolver, chainsaw, shotgun barb wire weedpacker, dice gun, buzzsaw blades, drilltar, crossbow, grenade launcher, concrete cutter, minigun, assault rifle etc. Weapons are used by tapping the middle of the screen. Ranged weapons have a limited amount of ammo and sometimes additional packs can be found in the environment. Each weapon has different statistics based on range, rate of fire and ammo capacity. Weapons can be upgraded. There are several types of dogs that can be taken along and these attack zombies automatically every now and then.

The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases for coins. These can be used in the store to buy sets, weapons, dogs, and zombie skins. Skins include for instance American football zombies or outfits based on World War II. Coins are also used to equip perks before starting a mission, such as starting with a weapon, a head start, ammo boost, more crates with weapons, and enabling the companion dog. Several perks can be equipped simultaneously, but each one costs money. Game modes can be unlocked by completing missions, starting with Classic and then Massacre, Hardcore and Flashlight. A single full-on collision with a zombie ends the run right away. Optionally graves can be discovered for a bonus next to the regular weapon crates.


  • 勇闯死人谷 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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