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DungeonUp is a puzzle/roguelike game. In the main, story mode, each of the 50 levels is a 11x11 maze with many monsters, keys, treasures and locked doors (some pre-designed, most randomly generated). The monsters (mostly) do not move, and only damage you when you attack them with sword and shield. Damage you deal and receive is known before you decide to attack, so the game becomes a puzzle of figuring out which way through the level uses the least amount of keys and makes you lose the least amount of Hit Points. Very few logistic spells are present, allowing you to teleport or break walls for example, and some levels contain magical items which protect you or let you deal extra damage. There are also some merchants (from whom you can buy keys and items) and altars (where you can upgrade your stats).

The story revolves around dwarves who have unleashed an ancient evil in their dungeons -- you start at their prison at level -49, and work your way up towards the exit. At some points, you find elders who give you hints about how to defeat bosses (one every 10 levels or so). Die, and you must use a very rare soul stone to resurrect; if you do not have more soul stones, you must restart the game.

Finally, the game has also a "maze mode", with much larger randomly generated levels, and online leaderboards.


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