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Insomnia ( )

The novelty of the concept and the sublime joy of the controls immediately grab you, but the effect wears out eventually. This has been wisely recognised, and so the adventure mode ends just before you begin getting tired of the whole thing. Short and sweet, that's what Kururin is. We could use a lot more games like that.

Jul 22nd, 2006 · Game Boy Advance · read review

64 Power / big.N / N Games ( )

Für Dauermotivation sorgt ein 4-Spieler-Modus (ein Modul reicht für alle!) und für optische Abwechslung der Menüpunkt “Make Up“ - hier kannst du Form und Farbe deines Stabgefährts verändern. Verschiedene Stablängen sorgen anfangs für einen leichten Einstieg und später für große Herausforderungen. Ein höchst interessantes Spiel, aber leider viel zu kurz.

Jun 2001 · Game Boy Advance

Pocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames ( )

Le jeu est divisé en une trentaine de stages et quelques challenges à la difficulté tout de suite plus relevée. Sont disponibles deux modes Time Attack et un mode Story, bourré de dialogues pas vraiment utiles. C’est peu, mais le principe de jeu est si prenant que l’on y revient sans hésiter, que ce soit pour battre ses temps ou pour récupérer quelques menus objets à collectionner. Pour ne rien gâcher, les graphismes sont mignons et colorés, les sons enchanteurs et la maniabilité au poil. La nouvelle drogue dure des consoles portatives !

Jul 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

games xtreme (9.2 out of 10)

The in-game graphics are very bright and colourful, the game does not push the GBA to its limits nor look impressive in any way but it is amazingly addictive and you simply cannot put it down, nothing comes close to the feeling you get on completion of a level. The learning curve is very low and the levels are very varied in their design and the graphics for each of the worlds are very different so you will never come across the same level twice, which in some way is also a god send as you really could not deal with some of the levels twice once they are completed! Overall kurukuru kururin is a great game and I recommend it to anyone who has a Gameboy Advance.

2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

NintendoWorldReport (9 out of 10)

Yes, this review is about 5 months old. I was actually hoping to get my hands on an English version so I could understand all the different modes and everything else involved with the game. I still have absolutely no idea why Nintendo hasn’t released this game here in the US. It’s kind of like the Sin and Punishment syndrome…there’s no reason for this game not to be released here. If you are at all interested in this game, I implore you to seek out an English import. Europe and Australia have had this game for a while, so a little digging can get you a serious gem.

Aug 8th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (9 out of 10)

There isn't another puzzle game available on the GBA at the moment that can rival KuruKuru Kururin for its sheer addictiveness and fun-value. It's a fantastic example of quick fix gaming at its finest, and you'll undoubtably keep coming back to it as much as we do. As one of the distinguished launch titles for the GBA, it shouldn't be ignored by anyone and particularly not first time buyers. This is an essential purchase.

Jul 7th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Planet GameCube (9 out of 10)

Ever since Spaceworld 2000, I had looked forward to one game in particular for the Game Boy Advance. I had pre-ordered an import system the second pre-orders were available, and this game was actually first on my list before Mario Advance and F-Zero. Yes, Kuru Kuru Kururin was the game I couldn’t wait to get my hands on again. Sadly, you still need to import one of the best games to ever grace the GBA.

Aug 8th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Retro Spirit Games ( )

Overall, Kuru Kuru Kururin is bloody great fun. It is visually appealing – like watching a fireworks display at a carnival – and has a great sense of fun and madness in equal measures. It is also more addictive than crack, and will drive you just as crazy at times. You will be hooked from the offset, but be prepared for some tense times as youryour palms get sweaty and you try to resist the urge to blink in case you hit the sides. You will laugh, you will swear, but you will certainly be having lots of fun – and at the end of the day, isn't that why we waste the precious hours we have on this planet staring at these colourful lights on a small screen? (note – this is a hypothetical question. You do not have to answer).

Jun 5th, 2013 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Advance (Germany) (88 out of 100)

Fans anspruchsvoller Geschicklichkeitsspiele kommen an Kurukuru Kururin einfach nicht vorbei - mit Sicherheit kein Meilenstein der Softwaregeschichte, aber immerhin ein sehr, sehr unterhaltsames und fesselndes Spiel fĂĽr zwischendurch.

2001 · Game Boy Advance

Jeux Vidéo Magazine (17 out of 20)

Un défi comme seuls les Japonais savent les concevoir. Attention à l'overdose, tant il est efficace...

Jul 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Gaming Target (8.3 out of 10)

This game is addicting while at the same time having an excellent ability to make you frustrated. The thing it lacks the most is diversity, though this can't really be held against it, as it's not claiming to be anything else then a 'simple' action/puzzle game. It's highly original and shines with simple yet brilliant design. Oh, and if you also have a friend with a GBA you will find that this game is quite a blast in multiplayer as well. Kuru Kuru Kururin comes highly recommended to all of you who want something simplistic, yet surprisingly fun, to spend your summer with.

May 14th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Gamekult (8 out of 10)

L'architecture extrêmement bien pensée des niveaux force le respect. L'ergonomie basique et la simplicité ô combien intelligente de Kuru Kuru Kururin vont à coup sûr captiver tous les joueurs friands de jeux dont la simplicité n'a d'égal que le plaisir de jeu procuré. Kuru Kuru Kururin fera partie des premiers jeux Game Boy Advance disponibles en France à la sortie de la console, et mérite largement une place prioritaire dans votre ludothèque GBA.

Apr 9th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Pixel-Heroes.de (8 out of 10)

Fazit: "Kuru Kuru Kururin" hat mich wirklich positiv ĂĽberrascht und brachte einen frischen Wind in meine Spielsammlung. Leider ist es der einzige Teil der Reihe, der bei uns erschienen ist. Da der direkte Nachfolger "Kururin Paradise" um einiges besser ist, vergebe ich acht von zehn Punkten.

Jan 30th, 2011 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Super Play (Sweden) (8 out of 10)

Att spela Kuru Kuru Kururin är som att lägga vantarna på ett nytt Bust-A-Move i det avseendet att upplevelsen kan sammanfattas som enkel och beroendeframkallande i ordens allra mest positiva bemärkelser. Det är sannerligen inte många pusseltitlar som kommer upp i denna nivå, och spelet överträffas egentligen bara av odödliga Tetris.

Jun 2001 · Game Boy Advance

All Game Guide ( )

In short, Kuru Kuru Kururin is one of the best early games available for the Game Boy Advance and comes highly recommended.

2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Power Unlimited (76 out of 100)

Is KKK daarmee een echte topper op de GBA? Nee, slechts de sound is met veel leuke stemsamples echt beterd dan op de GBC. Grafisch kan het kleurige spel overtuigen, zonder echt spectaculair te worden. Dat is ook wel logisch, want een spel met een stokje en een weg behoeft weinig opsmuk. KKK is een lekker spel geworden met een lange houdbaarheid, niks meer niks minder.

Jul 2001 · Game Boy Advance

GameSpot (7.1 out of 10)

Kuru Kuru Kururin may technically fall into the same category as stinkers like Irritating Stick for the PlayStation, but the game works really well on Nintendo's new handheld, delivering a quick-moving puzzle game that is excellent at filling up small periods of free time with its short, level-based nature. As one of the few Japanese GBA games that hasn't yet been announced for US release as of this writing, Kuru Kuru Kururin makes a pretty good choice for players looking to import games they wouldn't otherwise see.

Apr 23rd, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (14 out of 20)

S'il ne constitue pas réellement un incontournable de la GBA, Kuru Kuru Kururin offre une excellente alternative aux nombreux Tétris-like qui ne manqueront pas de sortir sur la console. Génial, novateur et hautement addictif, le soft bénéficie également d'un mode multijoueur qui compense un peu le fait que le jeu possède une fin.

Jun 21st, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Edge (7 out of 10)

The resulting rich blend will not be to everyone's taste, then, but those to whom it appeals will find that Kuru Kuru Kururin offers a distinctly engaging diversion from the likes of F-Zero and Castlevania.

Apr 23rd, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Video Chums (6.9 out of 10)

Kuru Kuru Kururin is a fun little Game Boy Advance title that I'm very happy to be able to finally play. Although it has its shortcomings, anyone looking for a cute and challenging game with an imaginative premise should definitely give it a try.

Feb 12th, 2016 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Player Reviews

The "simple but addictive" formula is a good way to describe this very entertaining game.
by Rensch (215)

The Good
The simplicity! It's easy to pick up and play. Tutorial levels are included as well. In this game the goal is to go trough all worlds which consist of three stages each. Each stage is course of tight corners, narrow passages etc. you need to go trough these courses with a helicopter as Kururin, a little bird whose brothers and sisters are taken to other worlds.You'll find them in stage 3 of each world. But there is a problem: Your helicopter's propeller blades make it difficult to go trough narrow passages since they are rotating constantly so you will hit the walls easily. The trick is to get trough each course without getting hit thrice, which will destroy your helicopter. You will have to time your moving. For die-hards there is a challenge to get all stages cleared without getting hit once and also collecting all helicopter skins (you can paint them) and save all Kururin's siblings. Also included are the short but tricky challenge-mode courses (can be played over game-link cable). A hard mode is included as well with longer propeller blades. These modes are all a lot lot of fun and add to the replay value of an otherwise easy title. Graphics are OK as well for an early GBA title. They are rich and colorful and everything is animated well. Gameplay is great in this game which is essential in a game like this

The Bad
It could have been made longer but as mentioned before there is enough replay so that didn't bother me much. The story is very simple but that's not so important for a game like this.

The Bottom Line
A wildly original and entertaining game! I can easily recommend this!

Mar 10th, 2005 · Game Boy Advance

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