Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

aka: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3-e

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MAMA MIA!!! What a game this is! Just the perfect Gameboy game.

The Good
The gameplay is probably the best thing about Super Mario Bros. 3. When it first came out on the NES this game was amazing. It combined the brilliant gameplay of part 1 with the graphical quality of part 2 into one massive adventure that became the best selling game of all time. So what makes it so special? Well, as I said, the gameplay is some of the best ever in video games. The levels are so cleverly constructed and challenging that you can't put it down easily. It is done so well that although some levels are very frustrating you never get the feeling that it's so difficult you can't finish the level. The levels are short but the way they are made makes up for that easily because, unlike most Mario games, there are no save points in the levels. It's got everything the original had including the different power suits, Koopa kids and all the levels the NES version had plus more. It feels just great to play all that NES greatness in bright GBA colors. It's by far not as stunning as Yoshi's Island but it still looks clear and just the way it should be since it doesn't ruin the old NES style. The sound is great too and you'll find yourself humming along with the tunes soon. The story takes place in Mushroom world where Bowser has send his kids to each of the seven kingdoms to steal the magic wand of the kings and transform them into animals. Princess Peach sends our two heroes Mario and Luigi to the rescue. In the eight worlds (one being Bowser's kingdom) you will find various power up suits such as the classic fire suit as well as new ones including raccoon, frog, tanooki and hammer suits, giving you powers that enhance your shooting, flying or swimming abilities. You can pick up these and various other items in Toad houses. There is now a save option but it will reset to the previous save game if you continue it once forcing you to save every time before you turn off the GBA. This is a bit weird but it's better than the password system on the NES since you can keep your items in your inventory. The classic arcade Mario Bros. is included too. It's a bit of a disappointment since it was in the other three Mario advance games and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga too. It's a fun extra though especially when you play via link cable with friends. Super Mario Bros. 3 has the same multiplayer as in the NES version which means you don't need any cables but pass on the GBA to your friend. One plays as Luigi and one as Mario. Mario has better accuracy since he is heavier but he can't jump as far as the tall and slim Luigi. This mode is even more fun than in single player. The best new thing in this game is the e-reader support giving you the ability to unlock all new levels.

The Bad
As said before the save option is a bit weird and the Mario Bros. game is the same as in previous Mario titles on the GBA.

The Bottom Line
A great port of one of the finest games ever made. This game is so addictive and fun you can't put it down for hours. Super Mario Bros. 3 is not only the best Mario game but this game could very well be the best game there is on the GBA. An essential buy and a great game to start with if you buy a GBA. MAMA MIA!!! This is brilliant!!!

Game Boy Advance · by Rensch (203) · 2005

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