Titanfall 2

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Xbox One credits (2016)

768 people (735 professional roles, 33 thanks) with 793 credits.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment

Game Director
Technical Director
Lead Software Engineers
Senior Software Engineers
Software Engineers
Multiplayer Design Lead
Singleplayer Design Lead
Lead Game Designers
Senior Game Designers
Game Designers
Art Director
Environment Art Director
Lead Environment Artist
Lead 3D Artist
Lead Concept Artist
Senior Technical Artist
Senior Artist
Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artists
Senior 3D Artists
3D Artist
Senior Character Artists
Senior Matte and Concept Artist
Matte Painter
Lead VFX Artist
Senior VFX Artist
VFX Artist
Lead Animators
Motion Capture Expert
Senior Technical Animator
Technical Animator
Senior Animators
Senior Audio Director
Music Lead
Dialogue Lead
Senior Sound Designers
Sound Designer
Contract Sound Designer
Dialogue Editor
Head of Development
Senior Producer
Art Producer
Production Assistant
Head of Marketing
Senior Producer of Game Footage
Human Resources and Recruiting Manager
Human Resources Generalist
Executive Assistant
Facility Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Office Assistant
Security Supervisor
IT Manager
Systems Administrator
Network Administrator
Desktop Support Specialist
IT Technician
QA Manager
QA Lead
QA Floor Lead
Senior QA Testers
QA Testers
Written by
Additional Writing


Jack Cooper
Captain Tai Lastimosa
Kuben Blisk
Sarah Briggs
General Marder
Casting Director
Additional Cast
MoCap Actors


Music Composed by
Score Producers
Score Recorded at
  • Abbey Road Studios - London
Additional Music Recorded at
  • The Michael Fowler Center - Wellington - NZ
Score Performed by
  • The London Session Orchestra
Additional Music Performed by
  • The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Leader
Electric Cello
Horn Soloist
Orchestra Contractor, London
  • Isobel Griffiths Ltd.
Contracting Assistant, London
Orchestra Manager, NZSO
Score Recording Engineers
Pro Tools Engineer
Studio Manager, Abbey Road
Score Preparation and Copying
  • Jill Streater Music Ltd.
Librarian, London
Librarian, NZSO
Score Mix Engineers
Score Mix Assistant
Ambient Music Design
Synth Patch Design
Special Music Thanks to

Sound Services provided by Warner Brothers Game Audio

Sound Designers
Manager, Gaming Operations and Services
Recording Engineers
Dialogue Editors
Voice Over Director

Intro Created by Playflight

Director / Director of Photography
Assistant Director
Line Producer
Executive Producer

Intro Post Production Team

Technical Director
FX Technical Lead
Compositing Supervisor
CG Supervisor
VFX Generalist
3D & Texture Lead
VFX Generalists / mo Cap
VFX Generalists
Matte Painter
Lead Animator / Mo Cap
CG Artist
Operations Manager

Intro Filming Crew

Key Rigger
B Camera Operator
Best Boy Electric
Key Grip
Best Boy Grip
Art Director
Art Production Assistant
Set Design
  • PunchKlok Ltd.
  • Henchmen Props
Costume Designer
Assistant Costume Designer
Specialty Costumer
Specialty Props
Costume Assistants
Production Assistant
Key Make up / SFX
On Set VFX Supervisors
Production Assistants

Playfight Intro Video Cast

Stunt Coordinator / Performer
Stunt Performer
Special Skills Extra
  • Pie West Studios
Storyboard Artist
  • Rancho Relaxo
On Set Paramedic
Made with the Generous Support of
  • ACTRA Toronto

Dark Burn Creative

Creative Director
Creative Producer
Video Editor and Compositor
Video Editor
Sound Engineer
Sound Designer
Capture Director
Hero Capture Artist
Capture Build Tech
Special Thanks for all the hard work from
  • Our capture artists!


Technical Director
Senior Sales Manager
Director of Digital
Technical Account Manager
Business Development Manager
Solutions Architect
Senior Dev-ops
Legal Counsel
Special Thanks to
  • The rest of the team at Multiplay


Technical Director
2D/3D Art & Animation
Character Animation
Additional Storyboards
Senior Producer
Executive Producer

Outsourcing: Glass Egg


Outsourcing: Virtuos

Art Director

Additional Contributions

Community Manager
Mocap Assistance

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Production Babies

Production Babies


CEO Electronic Arts
EVP EA Studios
SVP COO EA Studios
CFO EA Studios
Finance Manager EA Studios
VP of Production
Executive Producer
Technical Director
Director Product Development
Director, Developer Relations
Senior Program Manager
Sr. Manager Online Operations
VP of Marketing
Senior Director, Global Marketing
Global Product Manager
Senior Brand Manager
Senior Director Marketing
International Franchise Leader
International Product Manager
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Head of Product Marketing
Product Managers
Product Marketing Managers
Marketing Coordinators
Country Manager
Sr. Campaign Marketing Manager
Associate Product Manager
Marketing Interns
Digital Merchandising Manager
Publishing Manager
Brand Marketing Manager
Sr. Brand Marketing Manager
Head of Marketing
Director Integrated Communications
Director, Global Community & Influencers
Lead Community Manager
Conversation Manager
Digital Content Manager
Sr. Manager, Integrated Communications
Director, Content and Digital Strategy
Manager, Content and Strategy
International Communications Specialist
VP, Global Analytics and Insights
Director, Business Analytics
Sr. Digital Portfolio Manager
Sr. Business Analyst
Consumer Insights Manager
Head of Communications
Communications Managers
Social & Community Managers
Sr. Community Manager
Community Managers
Sr. Communications Managers
Jr. Communications Manager
Digital Publishing Manager
Content Lead
Sr. Director Operations and Reporting
Content Manager
Global PLM Director
VP Business Affairs
Managing Counsel
Data Privacy and Consumer Protection Counsel
IP Associate
Online Architect
Director Service Operations
Hosting Operations Engineer
EADP Monitoring
Origin Team
  • Origin Team
EASE Sr. QA Director
EAP QA Manager
EAP QA Project Manager
EAP Quality Designer
EAP QA Project Lead
EA UK QA Analysts
EAV QA Testers
QA Compliance Project Managers
QA Compliance Project Lead
QA Compliance Analysts
Compliance QA Lead Testers
Compliance Sr. QA Testers
Compliance QA Tester
EARO Sr. Test Director
EARO QA Manager
EARO QA Project Manager
EARO QA Project Lead
EARO QA Test Lead
EARO QA Testers
CATLab QA Test Lead
CATLab QA Lead Tester
CATLab QA Testers
Age Rating Sr. Quality Analyst
Age Rating Quality Analysts
Engineering Program Manager (System Test)
Quality Engineering Architect (System Test)
Project Managre (System Test)
Certification Project Manager
Certification Project Lead
Certification Sr. Test Specialists
Sr. International Project Manager
Localization Project Manager
Linguistic Testing Head Testers
Linguistic Testing Team
LT Compliance Team
Multilingual Localization Specialists
Audio Engineering
i18n Team Lead
i18n Engineering
LQA Coordinators
LQA Test Lead
LQA Testers
Audio Capture Specialists
Audio Capture Specialist Assistants
Recording Studios
  • Sonox Audio Solutions S.L.
  • Jinglebell Communications S.r.l.
  • Synthesis International S.r.l.
  • Rain Production
  • Roboto
  • Quoted
  • La Marque Rose
  • AC Create
WWCE Readiness Manager
WWCE Director of Partner Relations
WWCE Live Service Manager
WWCE Product Experts
PULSE Director, Product Management
PULSE Sr. Product Manager
PULSE Tech Ops
Director, Strategic Planning
Director Engineering
Sr. Software Engineer
Software Engineers II
Sr. Manager, Engineering
Sr. Manager Software Engineer in Test
Software Engineer III
Software Engineers in Test
Software Development Manager
Software Engineer (Campus Hire)
Software Engineer
Sr. Technical Program Manager
Director, Program Management
Engineering Director, Commerce
Engineering Director
Data Scientist
Principal Data Scientist
Sr. Product Manager


Xbox Sr. Developer Account Manager
Xbox Director, Account Management
Xbox Account Manager
Xbox Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Xbox Release Manager
Xbox Dev R&D Program Manager II
Xbox Dev R&D Software Engineer
Xbox Dev R&D Senior Software Engineer

Tools & Licenses

Uses Miles Sound System
  • Copyright © 1991-2016 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Bink Video
  • Copyright © 1997-2016 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Source Engine Technology
  • Copyright © 1997-2016 by Valve Corporation
  • Monotype is a trademark of Monotype Imaging Inc registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.
  • JP2 is a trademark of Monotype GmbH and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.
Apache Software Foundation
  • Copyright 2016 The Apache Software Foundation
  • This product includes software developed at The Apache Software Foundation [http://www.apache.org/].
  • Portions of this software were developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications [NCSA] at the University of Illnois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • This software contains code derived from the RSA Data Security Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
  • including various modifications by Spyglass Inc.; Carnegie Mellon University; and Bell Communications Research Inc [Bellcore]
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