Colonial Defence Force Ghostship

aka: CDF Ghostship
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Colonial Defence Force Ghostship is a sci-fi/horror first-person shooter that takes place in the year 2368. In March that year contact was lost with Earth's most distant colony located in the Icarus system. To investigate what happened the CDF Goliath was dispatched. Upon arrival in the system CDF Goliath's radar picked up an unknown signal and a fighter ship was sent off on a three day round trip to investigate. The fighter is piloted by Zak Thomas and when he arrived back at CDF Goliath 3 days later it had been turned into a ghost ship.

The player must now as Zak Thomas find out what has happened aboard the ship. Survivors, the ship's computer and left behind notes will aid Zak Thomas in his quest. Goliath is designed as an open world space craft so there is no specific path the player has to take. The game features three main locations: The CDF Goliath, the space station Icarus 3 Orbital and the colony on the ground.

In addition to the story mode the game also features:* Challenge mode: a specific task must be performed to complete a challenge such as making it down a long corridor.

  • Onslaught mode: the player must survive for as long as possible while gunning down wave after wave with enemies.

  • Simulation mode: in this mode the player undertakes missions that CDF Goliath marines run in the on board simulator

  • Skirmish mode: the player must survive for 25 minutes until rescue arrives

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