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Don't Starve Together

aka: Don't Starve Together: Console Edition

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DarkZero (9 out of 10)

I’d recommend Don’t Starve Together to anyone who enjoys a unique and challenging gaming experience, particularly if they have a few friends who are interested in the same thing. Don’t Starve Together takes the terrific game that it’s predecessor is known to be and builds up a whole new structure around the original that really opens up a lot of different ways of, well, not starving. Get a few friends together, find a nice spot to set up camp, and see how long you lot can last against the terrors of this strange, fantastical land you find yourselves in.

Jun 23rd, 2016 · Windows · read review

High-Def Digest ( )

'Don't Starve Together' is hands-down the best way to play 'Don’t Starve'. There’s nothing quite like taking down a deerclops with your bros and basking in the warm glow of victory before being interrupted by a vicious werepig attack or a bout of troublesome frog rain. It’s still hard as hell in its default mode, but Klei has handed over the keys to get under the hood and fine-tune their survival experience like never before. If your gaming circle is looking for something new, why don’t you try a bit of starvation?

Apr 28th, 2016 · Windows · read review

Gamezoom (8 out of 10)

Man spielt einfach nur gemeinsam mit bis zu fünf weiteren Leuten auf derselben Welt, und jetzt mal ehrlich: In wie vielen Spielen haben wir uns so was denn schon gewünscht? Natürlich behindert man sich die meiste Zeit, tritt sich auf die Zehen, isst sich die Vorräte weg und nervt sich gegenseitig, aber wenn man sich mal zusammen gerauft hat, dann ist Don't Starve Together! eben bloß noch eines: Ein endloses Abenteuer und super viel Spaß. Bis man verhungert. Oder vergisst das Feuer anzumachen. Oder ein gewisser Jemand das Lager anzündet...

Dec 26th, 2014 · Windows · read review

Riot Pixels (78 out of 100)

«Кооперативом» Don’t Starve Together не исчерпывается – разработчики позволили игрокам не только дружить, но и сражаться. К сожалению, воевать в реалиях Don’t Starve попросту неинтересно – в открытом бою все равно победит тот, кто быстрее сделал хорошее оружие, а использовать какие-то хитрые тактики механика не позволяет. Зато совместное покорение дикой природы непременно доставит удовольствие.

May 22nd, 2016 · Windows · read review

Cubed3 (7 out of 10)

The advent of multiplayer means playing a slightly different game; some items or features have been removed to balance things out, but being an optional mode added to the base game for free, it's hard to complain about the job Klei has done. Multiplayer in a game like Don't Starve can range from unnecessary and game-breaking to coherent and fundamental, and Don't Starve Together falls much closer to the latter.

Aug 23rd, 2015 · Windows · read review

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