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Video Games & Computer Entertainment (10 out of 10)

Gex is the kind of game that comes only a few times a year. It's a must-play on any platform. A winner for the 3DO and a victory for 32-bit gaming.

Jun 1995 · 3DO

GamePro (US) (5 out of 5)

Gex will be a big boost for the struggling 3DO system, which can boat only a few outstanding titles to date. This much-delayed game was well worth the time it took to molt into it's final form. Gex is destined to become the 3DO equivalent of Sonic or Mario, as this cool little lizard sets high standards for all future 3DO platform-hoppers.

Jun 1995 · 3DO

GameFan Magazine (92 out of 100)

2-D power...on the 3DO? Who-da' thunk it? Gex not only features many hours of platforming bliss, but high replay value as well. Dana Gould's comedic talents actually add to the fun and the abundance of diversity is astounding. No two levels are alike! Somehow Crystal also managed to pull off up to five levels of parallax, this I did not expect. I want a sequel!

Jun 1995 · 3DO

The Video Game Critic (A-)

It's pretty rare that the sound effects stand out in a video game, but I definitely took notice of them in Gex. Effects like the whipping sound of his tail and enemies getting knocked like bowling pins are crystal clear and entertaining. Unfortunately I've never been a big fan of Dana Gould who does Gex's voice, and I found his quips to be mildly amusing but mostly annoying. You can save your game, but only at predetermined points. Overall, I'd have to say that Gex is one of the premiere 3DO games. Crystal Dynamics tried to create the ultimate 2D platform game, and they did a pretty good job.

Sep 15th, 2002 · 3DO · read review

Joystick (French) (90 out of 100)

Le premier jeu de plates-formes sur 3DO est aussi l'un des meilleurs... toutes machines confondues !

Jun 1995 · 3DO

Coming Soon Magazine ( )

With the recent release of Gex from Crystal Dynamics, the 3DO has its first platform game which not only looks amazing but also plays great.

Apr 1995 · 3DO · read review

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (34.5 out of 40)

If there was ever a game surrounded by endless hype and development time, Gex has to be it. But the long wait was well worth it. Gex proves to be one of the best action games ever seen on the 3DO! The graphics and sounds are superb and the voice of comedian Dana Gould adds some great one-liner humor to an already enjoyable game. Unfortunately, the backgrounds scroll a bit choppily, but that's not the fault of the programmers and hardly takes away from the fun.

Jun 1995 · 3DO

Jeuxvideo.com (17 out of 20)

Sorti de nul part tel un ovni, Gex est un excellent titre disposant d'un univers attachant et d'un personnage qui est bien loin du clichĂ© traditionnel du hĂ©ros. De plus, l'humour omniprĂ©sent fait passer de trĂšs bons moments. AprĂšs une telle expĂ©rience, vous ne porterez plus le mĂȘme regard sur votre tĂ©lĂ©vision.

Jul 20th, 1997 · 3DO · read review

Oldies Rising (17 out of 20)

Un savant mĂ©lange de tout ce qui a Ă©tĂ© fait de mieux dans ce genre de jeu rĂ©uni sur un seul cd bourrĂ© d’idĂ©es gĂ©niales. Vraiment le seul petit point nĂ©gatif : les voix en anglais puisqu’on ne comprend pas toutes les rĂ©fĂ©rences citĂ©es par le lĂ©zard agitĂ© mais ceci est vraiment un dĂ©tail mineur oubliĂ© au bout de 5 minutes. Un fun, un plaisir de jeu et une rĂ©alisation superbe pour moi inĂ©galĂ©e depuis sur le peu de jeux en 2D sortis toutes consoles confondues. UN JEU INDISPENSABLE pour les fans de jeux de plate forme ! Si vous ne l’avez pas encore foncez vous le dĂ©gotter!

Aug 6th, 2008 · 3DO · read review

Power Unlimited (8.3 out of 10)

Gex is een goed platformspel. Het bevat prachtige animaties en graphics, is pittig en vol humor en zit tot de rand vol met koele vijanden. Als de 3DO meer spellen als dit had gekregen, dan zou het misschien een groter succes zijn geworden. Balen, Piet!

Oct 1995 · 3DO

Game Players (81 out of 100)

Still, it's very well designed, funny and it looks great. If Crystal Dynamics set out to invent the mascot for 3DO, they may have won the competition by default, but the character is more than worthy of the title.

Jul 1995 · 3DO

Video Games (80 out of 100)

Mit Gex bietet uns Crystal Dynamics endlich mal wieder ein innovatives Jump‘n‘Run mit einigen neuen und ĂŒberaus witzigen Ideen. Allein die SprĂŒche, die der grĂŒne Gecko stĂ€ndig von sich gibt, lohnen schon den Kaut der CD, vorausgesetzt, Ihr sprecht gut Englisch. Aber auch spielerisch ĂŒberzeugt Gex, die Hauptfigur lĂ€ĂŸt sich gut steuern, die Animation wirkt sehr flĂŒssig und detailliert. Durch Gex-spezielle FĂ€higkeiten, insbesondere die Wand- und Deckenkraxelei, ergeben sich völlig neue Perspektiven, allerdings muß man sich erst daran gewöhnen. Die Ladezeiten halten sich in Grenzen und mit knapp fĂŒnfzig Levels plus Speicheroption bietet Gex viel Spiel fĂŒrs Geld, Her damit!

May 1995 · 3DO

All Game Guide ( )

Lasting weeks on end, Gex features just the right mix of action, humor, attitude, challenge, and secrets. If you're a fan of the action/platform genre and own a 3DO (or a Playstation or Saturn) then give Gex the once over! You won't be disappointed.

1998 · 3DO · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (80 out of 100)

The one thing missing from the 3DO's catalogue of titles is a strong platformer. Crystal Dynamics have tried to rectify this with Gex. The main character is cute, with a nice line in special moves and occasional funny one liners. The graphics aren't great especially compared to Donkey Kong Country, and the gameplay is limited to jumping around collecting things and avoiding bad guys. If this had been released before DKC it might have worked, but, now it's just a bit old hat.

Jun 1995 · 3DO

3DO Magazine (UK) ( )

The 3DO's Sonic or Mario with bells on, Gex redefines the platform genre in 32bit, postmodern guise. The central Gecko sprite (rendered with over 450 frames of Silicon Graphic animation) can cling to just about anything; use his tail as a whip and collect power-ups with a long gelatinous tongue. Five big and varied worlds provide a reasonable challenge, while non-stop quips voiced by Dana Gould make this fun even for those who thought they'd outgrown this tired genre.

Mar 1995 · 3DO

CD Player (6 out of 10)

»Gex« entpuppt sich als konventionelles HĂŒpfspiel, das bewĂ€hrte Elemente aufgreift und nichts wesentlich Neues bietet. Dennoch verbucht Gex durchaus Bonuspunkte: FĂŒnf Welten bieten eine Menge abwechslungsreiche Szenarien, die sich angenehm flott spielen. Wer unter Plattform-Entzugserscheinungen leidet, darf sich Gex zulegen und wird auch die technischen MĂ€ngel verschmerzen: Das Scrolling ruckelt erschreckend, Grafik und Sound werden den Hardware-FĂ€higkeiten zu keiner Zeit gerecht.

1996 · 3DO

Electric Playground (6 out of 10)

Anyway, if you feel like running, jumping, swacking things with your tail and looking for lost remote controls(?) check this gecko out.

2001 · 3DO · read review

Player Reviews

A great platform and a fun character
by Ares (5)

The Good
This was really well thought out and did make nice improvements to this genre. Even 3D0 was stumped at how the final boss animations/scenes were coded as it did some things that they did not think the 3DO system was capable of doing. At the time the sprite animations were as good or better then anything else available. Very solid gameplay.

The Bad
On one of the final levels. You must jump at the 'perfect' moment to avoid a fireball, pit of death, over a crate etc,. . . There was a horrible lag as well at this moment. I think it to me 50 tries. The lag was the killer here. But it was passable so with immense patience you could get by. Its a minor gripe really.

The Bottom Line
Super Mario with the ability to climb walls, tail swap and make funny wise-cracks. I only played the 3D0 version so there may be differences between the systems.

Apr 22nd, 2005 · 3DO

Humor, Lizards, Pizza, Action!
by Indra was here (20775)

The Good
Ah, the amazing Gex. This is totally one of my favorite (and the probably only) arcade game on 3D0. This game has an odd game story, although most platform arcade games never do have any normal storylines (e.g. Mario Bros).

I remember reading (or was it watching) that Gex was a cook at a pizza place and developed tail whipping skills while throwing those pizza and swating flies. Anyway, the our lizard hero comes home, watches TV and is suddenly zapped into TV land by some unknown force and has to fight his way into reality. In the course of reality, you have to find "TV remotes" that will lead you into new lands. One good thing about this is that you can choose your next TV to visit.

Pretty corny idea, but thankfully the gameplay was overshadowed any doubt.

So what's so great about the game? Well first, they made a really cool hero. A tail slashing gecko with sunglasses. He looks like a cool role model which appealed to teenagers boys like myself. But that's not all, I remember that this game had one of the best and colorful graphics a game could have in those days. 3D0 really was a jump effort from the kinda crappy graphics of Nintendo. The sound and music was excellent, lively well suited for this arcade game!

But one of the best features of the game which usually is always a good thing in any game is that this game really had a lot of humor. Hey, it's a tail whacking Gecko, how could you not have humor as a focus? The game borrowed a lot of famous lines from movies and TV series. One of my favorites is from the old TV series "Kungfu". In China town you can hear a whisper from a Shaolin monster..."Listen to me Grasshopper", while fighting of kungfu flying enemies.

The Bad
Never finished the game...got bored after one too many levels. Never was patient with arcade game, though Gex really was a great package regardless.

The Bottom Line
Best arcade game on the 3D0.

Jun 19th, 2004 · 3DO

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