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Conflict is a political/strategy simulator, inspired by a prediction of how events in the Middle East could unfold in the 1990s. In this 1997, the Israeli prime minister dies (either by assassination or by bomb blast), and you're appointed as the new prime minister.

In the game you have to make and follow political policies regarding other countries in the Middle East, control intelligence and purchase arms, try to beat the other countries in the nuclear race and keep peace with the Palestinians and, of course, conduct battles with other countries.

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8 People (5 developers, 3 thanks)

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Average score: 75% (based on 7 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 3 reviews)

A wonderfully innovative, interesting and completely ignored game.

The Good
I don't understand why no-body knows this game, really don't. This is a piece of genius, original and innovative and should've got a lot more attention than it did.
The graphics are decent (if somewhat minimalistic) and work without being slow on a simple XT, the strategy and managerial portions of the game are nothing short of amazing.
It is without a doubt one of the most interesting games I have ever played, with varied and exciting - even if somewhat short lived - gameplay.

The Bad
The game's AI occasionally behaves erratically: sometimes a country with which you are in excellent relations will start behaving hostile towards you for no apparent reason, and if you do in fact nuke someone it has a completely unpredictable outcome.

The Bottom Line
An innovative strategy game, which is (since I live in Israel) close to my heart. It remains to be seen what other historic events this game will predict.

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 2000

One of my personal favorites.

The Good
This was a gem! A cheap game (under 10 bucks I believe) with this much fun in it is unheard of. I loved the easy and simple way the interface worked. It took about 3 minutes to learn the important things about this game, and after that it was all fun from there.

 Overall the difficulty was good, there were diverse and enjoyable options and more importantly it was addictive.  Many times over the next few years I would pop this in and play it after I had finished another game.  (I have a hard time finding games that I like)  This was a standard for years for me.  <br><br>**The Bad**<br>Well today the graphics are getting old, and there is no music or even SOUND in the game, so that is kind of a bummer.  <br><br>**The Bottom Line**<br>Conflict was one of a small handful that made me love games.

by the way its still enjoyable today.

DOS · by William Shawn McDonie (1130) · 2001

One of my favorite games

The Good
The game is a very simple but very good game to play. I have searched the internet looking for this game so I can play it again.

The Bad
That it came on a 5 1/2 floppy disk and I can not find it anywhere now so I can play it on a new computer.

The Bottom Line
Great, fun, and adictive. If anyone finds a way to get this game, let me know at [email protected]

DOS · by Christopher Barger (1) · 2001


Cover art

The cover art of the European version was painted by renowned comic artist Simon Bisley.


Virgin Mastertronic manager Andrew Wright later came to regret releasing this as a straight-to-budget title, as it became one of his favorites, and he decided it could've been a success if released at full-price and marketed correctly.

Yitshaq Rabin

Ironically, this game semi-predicts Israeli prime minister Yitshaq Rabin's untimely demise, as he was assassinated in November 4th, 1995.

Information also contributed by Andrew Wright and Martin Smith

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