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aka: Micropolis, SimCity Classic, SimCity Supreme, SimCity: The City Simulator

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Critic Reviews 83% add missing review

Amiga Joker (5 out of 5) (100%)

Sicher, mit der Maus geht der Straßenbau lockerer von der Hand, aber dennoch wird Sim City am CDTV wohl bald das sein, was es auf der „Freundin“ schon lange ist: Ein Klassiker!

Sep 1991 · CDTV · read review

Amiga Force (93 out of 100) (93%)

Sim City's a brilliant game enhanced on the CD with excellent music. Buy this and say goodbye to your spare time for many months to come!

Dec 1993 · CDTV · read review

Amiga Games (82 out of 100) (82%)

Wer schon immer einmal eine Stadt lenken wollte, wird von SimCity begeistert sein.

Oct 1994 · CDTV · read review

Amiga Format (75 out of 100) (75%)

If you aren't familiar with this one, the idea is to create a city by placing amenities (roads, housing, industry and so on) in appropriate positions and your performance is monitored by the approval of the population. You are called on to handle various crises, too. All in all, it's probably the most fun and accessible strategy game yet produced and has an aura of seriousness about the fun that makes even the most serious of parents and non-gameplayers approve.

Oct 1992 · CDTV · read review

Amiga Format (75 out of 100) (75%)

This is a classic strategy game in which you build a city by catering for the needs of its inhabitants. The better the municipal facilities that you provide the citizens, the more popular you will become and the more likely your chances of being re-elected as a mayor. And if you can handle such natural disasters as Godzilla stomping on your city, all the better. Much like Lemmings, this really is a top-notch Amiga game that deserves to come into the living room.

Mar 1992 · CDTV · read review

Retro Archives (13 out of 20) (65%)

D’accord, SimCity est l’un des trĂšs rares jeux qui aient effectivement Ă©tĂ© pensĂ©s pour ĂȘtre employĂ©s comme des logiciels multimĂ©dia sur le CDTV. C’est hĂ©las sa plus mauvaise idĂ©e, le titre de Maxis n’étant absolument pas adaptĂ© Ă  un maniement Ă  la tĂ©lĂ©commande, et cette version qui aurait pu ĂȘtre une trĂšs bonne alternative si elle avait simplement acceptĂ© de reproduire la jouabilitĂ© originelle avec une souris et un clavier se transforme dĂšs lors en un chemin de croix qui vire Ă  la caricature. Dommage, car le contenu est sĂ©rieux – mĂȘme si le CD ne sert, disons-le tout net, Ă  rien – mais la lubie de vouloir concurrencer le CD-i Ă©tait de toute façon une erreur dĂšs l’origine. Un beau gĂąchis.

May 14th, 2018 · CDTV · read review

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