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U.S. Championship V'Ball

aka: Super Spike V'Ball, V'Ball: U.S. Championship Beach Volley

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1UP! (88 out of 100)

Les retrogamers à la bourse modeste seront presque obligés de se rabattre sur Super Spike par manque d'options. Les fouineurs et collectionneurs en tout genre eux y reviendront par goût, parce que le jeu de Technos Japan offre l'essentiel du beach volley, et l'offre dans un bel emballage.

Dec 6th, 2019 · NES · read review

Raze (84 out of 100)

The use of the Four Score is also a boon for this type of game, and creates quite an atmosphere if you can find three friends to cram around the TV. Even though it would be nice to pop over to California, this is one sport that you can fully experience on your Nintendo.

Oct 1991 · NES · read review

Mean Machines (83 out of 100)

Super Spike Volleyball offers plenty of thrills and spills! The presentation is superb, with a huge variety of options that let you tailor the game to suit your requirements, and loads of computer teams to challenge you. The graphics and sound are also great, but where this scores highest is in the playability. The control method is fairly easy to master and there are a huge variety of moves available, meaning that novices can easily get into the game, but there's plenty of opportunity for experts to develop wicked playing strategies!

Jun 1991 · NES · read review

Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library ( )

Graphics are very good, and the very well-put together soundtrack adds to the enjoyment. There are also a good amount of options here, including the ability to set the point goal, number of sets, normal or “rally” rules, and even the ability to auto set spikes. Up to four players can also get in on the action with either the Four Score or NES Satellite, including the ability for two players to team up for one of the tournament modes.

2016 · NES

NES Center (8 out of 10)

Liegt man auf der Gewinnerstraße, so beflĂŒgeln einen die heiteren Musiken, das Match noch höher zu gewinnen, wohingegen die Verlierer vor Frust am liebsten die Dudelei ausschalten wĂŒrden. Alles in allem gehört Super Spike V’Ball jedoch technisch wie vom Gameplay zu den besten und spaßigsten Sportgames auf dem NES.

2001 · NES · read review

VideoGame ( )

Super Spike Volleyball Ă© um jogo de vĂŽlei de praia, no qual as equipes contam com apenas dois jogadores cada.

May 1991 · NES · read review

neXGam (7.5 out of 10)

Technos Vier-Spieler Vorzeigetitel hĂ€lt genau was es verspricht: Hat man sich an der heimischen Konsole zusammen gefunden kommen echt taktische KĂ€mpfe auf, die auch heute noch so richtig Spaß machen. Auch im Einzelspielermodus hat Technos nicht gekleckert und hĂ€lt den Spieler mit verschiedenen Ligen bei Laune, die allerdings leider durch die doch sehr knallharte K.I. ausgebremst werden. NatĂŒrlich macht der Computergegner gelegentlich Fehler wie falsches Aufschlagen oder SchlĂ€ge ins Aus, trotzdem dominiert die Computer- K.I. die meisten Matches und ihr werdet viel Lehrgeld zahlen mĂŒssen, bevor ihr den Siegespokal in den HĂ€nden halten dĂŒrft. Freunde von Mehrspielerduellen lege ich ganz besonders diesen Titel ans Herz, da selbst wer mit dem Sport nichts anfangen kann ein paar schöne Stunden mit den Kumpels vor der Konsole verbringen wird.

2002 · NES · read review

The Video Game Critic (B)

Here's a decent volleyball game that attempts to improve on Kings of the Beach, but comes up a little short. The players are large and muscular, and the side-scrolling courts are finely detailed. I really enjoyed the variety of backdrops, ranging from sunny Daytona to flashy Las Vegas. Super Spike wisely employs the same basic control scheme as Kings of the Beach, making it easy to set, jump, and spike the ball. And boy can these guys jump high! Super Spike's action is smooth enough, but sometimes it's hard to tell if the ball has been blocked or if it hit the net. A visual marker is used to show where the ball will land, and while this makes the ball easier to track, it also eliminates much of the suspense. The music and sound effects are pretty lame. Super Spike is a respectable effort overall, but for sheer playability it can't quite match Kings of the Beach.

Jun 30th, 2001 · NES · read review

Tilt (15 out of 20)

La rĂ©alisation est inĂ©gale. Les graphismes des joueurs sont quelconques et l'animation souffre parfois de quelques bugs (le joueur « disparaĂźt » dans le sol !). En revanche les dĂ©cors sont variĂ©s d'un lieu Ă  l'autre et le jeu prĂ©sente un rĂ©el intĂ©rĂȘt grĂące Ă  une bonne maniabilitĂ©, un jeu d'Ă©quipe intelligent, une bonne progression en difficultĂ© et, en sus, la possibilitĂ© de jouer jusqu'Ă  quatre simultanĂ©ment, ce qui n'est pas si courant pour les logiciels destinĂ©s Ă  la NES.

Oct 1991 · NES · read review

All Game Guide ( )

All in all, Super Spike V'Ball represents the sport well. I'd say that any fan of the sport should love the game, but -- not really being a fan of the sport -- I think I'm kind of out of place in making such a statement. But it's probably true.

1998 · NES · read review

Questicle.net (B-)

Super Spike V’Ball is NES Four Score friendly, and my advice is to make heavy use of it. Playing solo as I did will leave you bored. On a side note, I’m surprised this isn’t a Kunio-kun entry. Their blocky statures would be perfect for volleyball and give the game a more light-hearted feel. Ah well. At least Billy and Jimmy get a day off from Abobos, chain whips, and she-males.

Sep 2013 · NES · read review

Nintendo Magasinet (Sweden) (3 out of 5)

Superspike V'ball Àr ett bra volleybollspel till NES:en. PÄ fyra spelare blir det riktigt roligt, och man finner sig sitta och skrika och svettas som om man faktiskt spelade pÄ riktigt. Att ensam sitta och spela mot NES:en Àr dock inte speciellt kul.

Feb 1992 · NES

Player Reviews

A surprisingly engaging experience
by Feem (44)

The Good
When objectively considering the concept of volleyball video games, especially 8-bit volleyball video games, skepticism seems to overwhelm the brain. Anyone, though, who seriously plays Super Spike V'Ball will have that skepticism wiped away.

First of all, the game is really funny. The sound effects make good use of the NES's abilities, producing odd propulsion-like noises with every jump. The most hilarious aspect of the game is the 'super spike,' wherein a player mashes a button while in the air before a spike to build up its power and make it potentially unblockable. A 'Ka-Boom' onomatopoeia is displayed, and the opposing player is smashed back into the sand.

What's amazing is that the simple concepts of this game work together well enough to produce a progressively more-challenging experience. One begins learning the basic means of defending and spiking in the American Circuit. One must have spent at least several hours in that mode before gaining the abilities required to begin the World Cup, which features a whole new level of difficulty, culminating in a battle with the U.S. Navy team, which is extremely challenging.

The mechanics of the gameplay are finely tuned enough to offer a real, gimmick-free work out to those who play it. One is also rewarded by the odd cityscape backgrounds to what could have been a drab volleyball layout. Again, the hilarious noises and oddities round out the experience, and make the game simply a joy to play and get good at.

The Bad
The game has a few technical issues. Sometimes the sprites will be momentarily invisible or obscured as the graphics are rendering. I have found these issues to be infrequent and certainly not inhibitive of the gameplay.

One other thing that can happen, although rare and funny, is when, after diving for a shot, instead of hitting it up to your teammate, the ball makes a funny noise and flops out of bounds. I have always enjoyed these moments as odd quirks, and they also do not hinder the overall gameplay.

The game also comes with the ability to have 4 players at once, a rarity on the NES. Having tried this before, the experience turned out to be slightly disappointing. It was functional, but lacked the depth of the 1 or 2 player circuits.

The Bottom Line
It is, simply, a volleyball game. There is no gameplay that does not involve playing volleyball. However, it is a challenging game without being too difficult, and can engross its players for hours - something that the vast majority of third party console games cannot boast.

It does have a very extensive set of options, involving everything from team location, player build, to wide-ranging scoring options. The most significant option is the player build. There are 4 sets of players to choose from, all with different names and a specific type. There are the all-arounders, who don't do anything poorly or extremely well - there are the big guys (or fats, as we always called them) who are painfully slow in the sand, but make superspikes very easy - there are the punkish looking guys, who are actually the Double Dragons (Billy & Jimmy), making a cameo. They are good at defending spikes and diving for well-placed shots - and finally there are the fast guys, who are average at spiking and defending, but can move very quickly across the sand to set up shots.

Some players will be good at timing blocks, and would benefit from the Double Dragons, whereas some players will be better at placing spikes, making the fats a better choice. The game really offers a wide-ranging experience.

Perhaps the best aspect of the game is that all of the tournament modes can be played by 2 players. Going through the game with a buddy is far better than controlling 2 guys yourself, with the other sometimes working as a drone. Much more than a lot of multiplayer games, Super Spike V'Ball is a team experience. Your buddy can back you up when you get smacked by a superspike, and the quality of your set shot determines the ease with which your friend can administer a return spike.

All in all, it is another great Technos game that few people have ever played. Any lover of 8-bit games needs to own this title, or at least give it a shot. It is a well-crafted game that rewards those who bother to give it their time.

Apr 16th, 2008 · NES

Buckets of fun
by Brian Niemeyer (3)

The Good
This game was fun for as long as you wanted it to be, and as long as you don't mind the old graphics and limited sounds it still is.

The Bad
I have to put something in for things I didn't like, which is unfortunate because there isn't a thing about this game that's not to like.

The Bottom Line
This was one of the last great games for the original NES console, and the first I remember that made it clear that controllers needed an ergonomic design. Excellent graphics-for the time-and appropriate sound effects only made it that much easier to waste a night at college without risking a hangover. While it was easy to sit down for a few minutes and play a quick game or two, it shone when all four player slots were filled. Still the only video game I've ever played which combined loads of fun and game speed to make 'losers outs' worth the wait for as many as ten people. Since I mentioned it, the frequency with which controllers went flying out of people's hands trying to power up both shots and blocks MUST have been a factor in the improved controller design for the SNES. This game is so much fun that this spring after finding a cartridge on Ebay a few friends and I wore out my old console. At a time when there were a lot of games that didn't ask a lot of your time-and had almost no learning curve-this was one of the best.

Aug 20th, 2005 · NES

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