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Kana: Little Sister is an adult visual novel in anime style. The player takes on the role of Taka Todo, whose younger sister Kana is terminally ill. Taka is not particularly fond of Kana, because he believes she is monopolizing their parents time and attention. As Taka Todo grows older, he starts to understand the situation better and wants to do everything to save Kana.

During the game, the player can make different decisions that will influence plot development and determine which of the six endings the story shall conclude with.


  • 加奈~いもうと - Japanese spelling

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Assistant Director Producer
Character Design Artist
Scenario Writer
Game Design
Coloring Leader
Screen Design
Music & SFX
Opening Theme (The White Season) Lyrics
Opening Theme (The White Season) Music
  • Hechima
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Average score: 94% (based on 2 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 43 ratings with 10 reviews)

Brilliant - don't be put off by the descriptions on the website

The Good
Firstly, buy this game. Seriously, buy it. This game will change the way you think about life, death, love, your ambitions and goals, your health, and much else. I had heard of grown men reduced to tears by this game, and intrigued, I decided to buy it.

There is no denying that Kana is a unique game. Of course, there are other games in its genre, but the vast majority of them are 'lots of girls: choose one and seduce her'. This game is incredibly different. No other game has affected me like this; in fact, I can't think of many games that have really induced any emotions in me (video games don't scare me much). Trust me, after playing this game through, there will be A LOT of emotions flowing through your mind. I'm disappointed to say the game didn't make me cry, although I was feeling pretty choked at the end.

The two main characters in the game - Taka, yourself, and Kana, your little sister, who is suffering from a disease called 'chronic renal insufficiency disorder'. As Kana spends most of her time in the hospital, she hasn't really experienced much of life, and when she does come out of the hospital, it's up to you to guide her. Its hard to say much about the actual content of the game without giving away some spoilers, and trust me, its better to find out for yourself. But as the game reaches a close, it really does become melancholy and despondent. From the title and description, you can probably guess this title deals with incest. This is a major part of the game, I admit, but not in the way most people would realise. Instead of making a big deal of all the sex in the game (this is a bishoujo game after all), it is integrated into the story, and adds to the emotional intesity of the game. I might add there is virtually no actual incest in the game, and it is more to do with the characters' feelings and confusions. Speaking of feelings and confusions, Kana really brings out the character's anxieties and feelings. Especially on the 'intellectual' set of endings, D.O. has really made an effort to make Kana's feelings a large part of the game. To give one example, at one point you see Kana completely broken down, absorbed in self-pity about how she'll never have a normal life, and you're put in the difficult poistion of trying to bring her to her senses.

As this is an interactive fiction game, there are 6 endings that you can get, dependent on the choices you make throughout the game. You can group the endings into two categories, and within each category there are 3 endings. The first category differs quite a bit, and the second, called the 'intellectual route' hass more similar endings. Each ending is amazing, and you will want to unlock them all. I haven't got around to unlocking all of the intellectual endings yet - they depress me too much.

Visually, Kana is well made, and crisp and clear, apart from some times when Kana just looks weird - sometimes she looks older than she's supposed to be. The music is good as well, but I also suffered from the BGM bug, where I didn't hear any of the music ingame.

If you absolutely hate the 'clickathon' genre of game, you will detest this game. But if you mildly dislike it, then I definitely recommend you buy this game, as you will love it, even though there is not much of an 'interactive' element to it.

I can't say this enough - BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT!

The Bad
There is ONE thing which really bugged me about the game. That is, the erotic scenes. There's a girl, Yumi, for whom there are 3 sets of scenes. These are pointless, and merely take away from the amount of people who would otherwise be willing to enjoy this game. The erotic scenes do add intensity and emotion to the game, but I feel the game would have been just as good had the scenes merely been implied, rather than explicit scenes that are there. Putting them in makes it classified as an 'adult' game, and thus puts most people off the game. Trust me, if you're looking for an erotic game, this is not for you. Go play X-change or Critical Point or something.

The Bottom Line
This game will change the way you think about yourself. Don't be put off by the descriptions or the packaging. I believe this is a game that EVERYBODY should play, and were it not for the erotic scenes, and people's general aversion to anime-style graphics, this would be hailed as one of the best games created.

Windows · by Daniel Anderson (3) · 2005

One word: Masterpiece

The Good
To me, this is not a game.

I rarely play computer games except for some card games online. When I heard about this game through a distant friend of mine, i thought i would give it a try. This game is considered a visual novel type game. To be honest, I hate reading books, magazine, or just about anything that comes to literature. This game is different. I played this game non stop until I finished the first ending. I read every line in the game, enjoyed every seconds playing it. I spent around 6 hours straight to play this game.

I cried, yes I did. I cried till my tears ran dried; I cried till my tears filed both eyes that I couldn't see the computer screen anymore, everything was just a blur.

There are a lot of good reviews on this game as well as high scores for this game. The music really goes along with the mood of the game in certain situations. The graphic is simple awesome, but the main thing is the story, which make the game inspirational. Even the sex scenes looks great too (seriously)

The Bad
If they make it a non-H game, everyone would know about this game and it could win many awards.

The Bottom Line
heartbreaking story, amazing graphics, incredible music, unforgettable emotions, etc.

Windows · by Titi Ung (1) · 2006


The Good
What did I like about this game..............well everything. Now this is not exactly a game. More like a wonderfully done story that is destined to affect you in some way. I got this and thought it was another one of those hentai games. After I stared playing for a few minutes I felt a bit emotional (which in this case is a good thing). That's when I realized that this one ............ is different.

I would not classify this game as a hentai game which focuses mostly on the love/sex scenes. I would not even classify this as hentai. There are hardly any love scenes in this one . But when there is, it adds to the game most of the time. This one is not supposed to turn you on. It's there as a good emotional read. One that makes you think.

There are 6 different endings. I have completed one so far, the snow ending (I heard the others are even better). I completed the game less than an hour ago and had to tell someone just how amazing it is. It left me thinking .................. crying .................. changed. It really makes you stop and think. Are we living our lives fully? After I finished, I found my self staring into nothingness thinking about this and more. I found my self thinking about the various scenes. The way I felt when playing it. It really made me think back.

I don't want to spoil the story or anything but here is a quick intro. You start of with your sister at a young age. You hate her. She is sick and gets all the attention from your parents. You hate her...but after she goes missing during a family picnic something inside you makes you worry about her. You go looking for her and what happens next makes you more understanding towards her.

As you both grow older you realize just how sick she is. ........... and your hatred turns into compassion ............... and that compassion turns into something beautiful.

The Bad
I liked everything about it. There is some incest in it but it added to the plot.

The Bottom Line
A perfect 10!!!!!!

Great game for those that want a deep story. Many grown men have cried playing this (yes me as well - a few times also). This game deserves more attention. Expect to be affected by it if you play it.

Windows · by kana fan (3) · 2005

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Kana's soundtrack is standard CD audio; it can be ripped and made into MP3s, if you would like to listen to the soundtrack independently from the game.

Xbox version

A port to the Xbox was in development by Panther Software. However, an announcement was posted on the game's official site May 27, 2005 that the release had been cancelled.

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