Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate

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Warhammmer 40,000: Chaos Gate is a squad level tactical combat simulation that is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In the game the Ultramarines lead by Captain Kruger undertake a perilous campaign against the traitorous forces of Chaos. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate can be played as an ongoing campaign, a series of single missions, as a randomly generated mission, or in head-to-head action with up to three other players over a LAN or via a TCP/IP internet connection. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate also comes with a Scenario Builder that enables the creation of custom and randomly generated combat mission.

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Average score: 75% (based on 19 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 27 ratings with 3 reviews)

A good conversion of a non-computer game.

The Good
I'm a HUGE board game/card game/tabletop game freak. This is a good conversion of Warhammer 40 000, which was a tabletop miniatures game long before it visited a computer screen (and long before X-Com, I might add). I wish other companies (LIKE FASA, HINT HINT) would convert their boardgames directly rather than turning everything into a 1st person simulation or real-time junk.

The graphics are good, the missions solid, the sound effects suitable. And the missions are challenging without being ridiculous.

The Bad
You can't play hotseat. Multi-player, turn based games were born for hotseat play. I don't wanna tie up my phone line.

The Bottom Line
A great game if you can't afford, or don't have the space for, the original tabletopper.

Windows · by Jeff Sinasac (391) · 2001

Very X-Com-ish but very enjoyable.

The Good
The game is very much inspired by X-Com's battle system but is entertaining. The plot is enjoyable and it is a real treat to finally have a Warhammer 40,000 game with the Chaos Space Marines in it, even if you don't get to play a campaign game as them. Graphics are pleasent and sounds are realistic. Good metalic clanks.

The Bad
Some of the vehicles can be nigh-impossible to control and the whole thing is just a bit to much like X-Com. The basic weapons can take years of shooting the enemy to kill them.

The Bottom Line
A very good addition to the collection of Warhammer based games and a delight for Chaos Space Marine fans.

Windows · by Gene Davison (801) · 2000

warhammer x-com

The Good
It is x-com: that means a good battle system. It's entertaining.

The Bad
Those marines... their feet... ugh... The graphics look like they were rushed. The music can be annoying.

The Bottom Line
Get your bargain bin copy today!

If you find it on sale for $10, get it. Otherwise, don't.

Windows · by wossname (203) · 2000

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