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Taz: Wanted

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Consoles Plus (87 out of 100) (87%)

Les graphismes sont dignes du comics de la Warner et toutes les surprises des niveaux ne manqueront pas de scotcher les joueurs les plus jeunes. Un pur divertissement réservé aux petites mains émerveillées par la souplesse du plus beau diable de la planÚte.

Sep 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GameZone (7 out of 10) (70%)

As far as Loony Tunes characters are concerned, the Tasmanian Devil has mostly always taken a backseat to other characters such as Bugs Bunny or even Daffy Duck when it comes to games and the cartoons. All that is about to change, though, because our wildly spinning furry friend takes center stage as the hero in Taz: Wanted . . . and boy is he as angry (and hungry) as ever!

Oct 4th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

4Players.de (70 out of 100) (70%)

Selten gab es ein Spiel, das auf allen Konsolen den gleichen Eindruck hinterlĂ€sst: Grafisch hat die XBox ganz leicht die Nase vorn, die PS2 punktet minimal in Sachen Steuerung. Ansonsten ist Taz Wanted auf jeder Konsole identisch: Ein spielbarer Cartoon mit witzigen Ideen, durchgeknallten Figuren und abgefahrenen Aufgaben. Und natĂŒrlich einer fĂŒrchterlichen KamerafĂŒhrung, die stĂ€ndig manuell ausgerichtet werden muss. Wieso kann ich sie nicht per Knopfdruck hinter Taz zentrieren, sondern muss sie elend langsam schwenken? So was kann einem den Spielspaß gehörig versauen, was mir hier eine dicke TrĂ€ne ins Auge treibt. Falls Ihr solche Programme mögt, solltet Ihr vor dem Kauf unbedingt ein Probespiel wagen, und sehen, ob Ihr mit der Steuerung zurechtkommt.

Nov 17th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

IGN (6.7 out of 10) (67%)

Overall, Taz: Wanted is a decent game worth about 8-10 hours of your time, given your level of interest in Looney Tunes' Taz the Tasmanian devil. In short, rent this before you buy it.

Sep 17th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

PSX Nation (6 out of 10) (60%)

A great game for kids (or grown-ups that still fancy themselves kids), “Taz: Wanted” continues to uphold Infogrames’ tradition of low-key but fun Looney Tunes videogames that do justice to the license. Not a must-own title (the frame-rate’s too choppy and the replay value minimal after “Taz: Wanted” is finished), but one worth blowing a free rental on or picking up for its low $30 asking price.

Oct 24th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (11 out of 20) (55%)

TrÚs inégal dans sa réalisation, Taz Wanted n'amusera réellement que les fans du diable de Tasmanie. Les autres ne verront qu'un nouveau jeu de plate-forme pas trÚs maniable ni trÚs original.

Apr 10th, 2003 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Official UK Playstation 2 Magazine (5 out of 10) (50%)

Beyond the vibrant look is a game that tries every trick in the book to appeal. It fails...

Nov 2002 · PlayStation 2

GameSpot (5 out of 10) (50%)

The Tasmanian devil, while certainly an entertaining beast, isn't the most beloved of animals. This is probably due, at least in part, to their insatiable appetites, destructive, hyperactive tendencies, and poor grammar. After upsetting a few too many Looney Tunes characters with his spazzy antics, Taz has been captured by Yosemite Sam and placed in his private zoo. Even worse, the She-Devil, Taz's feminine counterpart, has also been nabbed and taken off to an undisclosed location within Sam's park. This is the premise of Blitz Games' new 3D platformer Taz Wanted, in which you'll assume the role of Taz and attempt to evade Yosemite Sam, trash his park, and rescue your She-Devil. Unfortunately, this rescue mission isn't really worth it.

Oct 25th, 2002 · PlayStation 2 · read review

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