Warside: Collectors Edition

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Official Description

Note! You can not purchase this pack twice for your account. This pack also includes all the bonuses from Digital and Digital Deluxe Editions.

Digital Deluxe and Collector’s edition are now available for special price, for those players who decided to support the game on the start of Early Access! This is limited time offer.

Collector’s edition includes:

  • X1,5 exp.
  • X2 credits
  • +1 character slot
  • +1 reward per battle
  • +1 inventory page
  • +8 slots on the market
  • +1 battle-kit

  • 5000 gold
  • Pack of 1-hour boosters
  • Pack of 24-hours boosters
  • Pack of 30-days boosters
  • Alpha hood Customization
  • Armor of Iron Fist Customization
  • Twilight armor Customization
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook


Boosters allow you to earn more experience, credits and rewards for each battle. Benefits from boosters are cumulative with lifetime bonuses from purchasing the game! Start playing Warside with convenience-bonuses from our packs!## Gold

Gold is in-game currency used in our premium-shop. There you can find boosters of different kind and duration, customizations and other convenience bonuses.## Customizations

Collector’s edition contains 3 unique customizations.

  • Alpha hood. Part of the legendary squad uniform, awarded only to a chosen few. Symbol of valor and extraordinary skills.
  • Armor of Iron Fist. "To rule with an iron fist" - an ancient motto of order became true over the years.
  • Twilight armor. Moving over the battlefield like a shadow, members of Twilight Brotherhood offer eternal rest to the afflicted, releasing them from torment of existence.

Digital Soundtrack

Digital Soundtrack allows you to enjoy music from Warside any time you want. It contains all the tracks in both WAV (for the better sound) and MP3 (to save space on your hard drive) formats.## Digital Artbook

Digital Artbook has more than 230 pages, to give you an insight into the development process. The artbook contains the best artwork, sketches and renders with our comments about making process, style references, lore creation and more.

## We really appreciate your interest in our game. By purchasing Collector’s edition you make a significant contribution into the future Warside developing process. We’re working hard to make interesting and exciting game, which will give you only the best experience. Thank you for your support!

Source: Steam Store Description

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