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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

aka: Rayman 3 HD, Rayman 3: Hoodlumsk√° hrozba

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PlayStation 2 credits (2003)

250 people (234 professional roles, 16 thanks) with 273 credits.


Marketing Coordinator
Production Coordinator
Story and Dialogs
Art and Level Design Supervisor
Lead Programmers
Lead Game Designer
Game Designers
Art Director
Lead Character Designer
Graphic Technical Directors
Real-Time Cinematics Director
Graphic Artists
Lead Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Lead Animator
Lead Sound Designer
Sound Designers
Sound Art Director
Lead Data Manager
Data Manager
Rayman Created by
Additional Game Design
Additional Graphic Artists
Additional Gameplay Programmers
Additional Programmers
Additional Animators
Gameplay Programmers (Bonus Levels)
Graphic Artists (Bonus Levels)
Animators (Bonus Levels)
Game Designers (Bonus Levels)
Programmers (Bonus Levels)
Data Manager (Bonus Levels)
Test Studio Manager (Paris)
Lead Tester (Paris)
Testers (Paris)
Lead Tester (Montreal)
Testers (Montreal)
Additional Data Managers
Additional Testers
Managing Director - Montreuil Studios
Development Studio Manager
Graphic Studio Manager
Game Design Studio Manager
Cinematic Studio Manager

Pre-Rendered Sequences

Technical Director - SFX
Graphists - SFX
Layout Director

Audio / Localisation

Audio Production Manager
Creative Manager
Sound Production Organization
Music Composed, Arranged, and Performed by
Sound Effects
  • Talk Over
Mixed by
Masterised by
Music Editing
Voice Director
Additional Voices
Worldwide Localisation Manager
Localization Project Manager
US Script Adaptation
US Linguistic Testing
US Voice Recordings
  • Ubi Sound Studio
  • Blindlight Studio, USA
US Post-Production

Blindlight Studio, USA

Casting Director
Casting Coordinator
Recording and Dialogue Editing

Video Trailer Team

Video Producer
Savage Beast
FX Designer
"Madder" Performed by
  • Groove Armada
Written By

Ubi Soft International

President and CEO
International Production Director
International Content Director

International Content Team

Game Design
Play Tests
Story Editor
Approval Coordinators

EMEA Marketing Team

Group Brand Manager
Brand Managers
Local Brand Managers

US Marketing Team

Group Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Public Relations
Special Thanks to
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