Universal Combat: The Lyrius Conflict

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Official Description

Being the only game of its kind, the all encompassing Universal Combat game is in need of a makeover, and the sales of this DLC will hopefully make that happen.

Due to the massive scope of the game, we decided to improve on the game via DLC releases. This means more frequent updates in the months to come. For example, this first DLC, contains no new gameplay features. It focuses purely on bug fixes, tweaks, as well as UI, engine, art and visual improvements.

If successful, we plan future DLC which may include multiplayer (like the original 2004 game), new features, content etc.

More info on the website.## PLANNED FEATURES

  • On-going bug fixes and improvements via the 3.x game kernel
  • Over 70 additional scenarios from the full game
  • The Lyrius Conflict, a 16 mission campaign scenario based on the conflict that led to the events in the Line Of Defense game
  • Updated graphics engine (SM 3.0 graphics card required)
  • Updated planetary terrain engine, including new texture and mesh assets
  • New character animation engine
  • New shader and special FX assets based on the improved graphics engines
  • Improvements to the AI engine
  • Improvements to the audio engine
  • Improvements to the UI
  • New first person interface
  • New planetary terrain mission zones, and bases, with all-new assets, layout etc
  • New art assets for all NPC crew and key characters (officers, pilots, crew etc)
  • New model assets for all game objects. This includes characters, weapons & inventory items, vehicles, space/air craft, stations, starbases, all terrain objects etc
  • New craft UI interface, including 3D rendered cockpits and bridge for capital ships (x28), fighters (x29), shuttles (x3), gunships (x5) player assets. Ground vehicles and naval assets don’t need these since they use the first person UI
  • Full version of the Game Builder System (GBS) for user created mission script content. NOTE: This will be released in the months following the official release of the DLC.


There are no more updates to the base game. The final version was v2.00.03 released on 05-28-2015. You can view the changelog for more info. Due to the game being improved upon, future updates are only released via The Lyrius Conflict DLC which uses v3.x game engine kernel.

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